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Does winter suck where you live?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Because I love it.

  2. Were supposed to get 8-12 inches tonight I pray to god they're right. I'm going snowboarding Saturday
  3. You know i forgot about Florida.
  4. When it snows it looks really nice because my area is full of trees and rivers and lakes and shit but this year all it has done is rain! So it all goes damp and shitty, it floods all the time too. It just sends you west at the moment
  5. Unfortunately I've never really seen snow. Well, I've seen snow flakes a couple times here but never actually anything heavy. I've only times I have traveled north have been summer.
  6. It just started to snow a little bit here
  7. It suks. If it snows it melts within a day...
  8. You're missing out on life if you haven't played in the snow. Sledding is a childhood must
  9. I have zero cold tolerance. Anything below 60 is cold to me, 40 is intolerable. It would be different if I was born somewhere it snowed but I couldn't make it now. Seeing -9 is mind blowing.
  10. -3 is painful cold haha. I don't appreciate shit that cold but 20's is tolerable.

    I saw a video with a guy in siberia and it was -40, he took a boiling pot of water and threw it in the air and it turned to snow instantly. That's fuckin cold.

    I'd rather it be summer but I don't mind the cold
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    I love the snow, always makes me happy. I can often be found sliding down the block in my timbs chuckling to myself taking a walk to the corner store in a snowstorm. Hot sun or snow, I appreciate the seasons..

    hey, just started snowing ;)

    Love when a big storm hits, if yuh met me yuh would probably bug out to find out I am both a snowboarder and skier but when there is a blizzard out yuh can often find me the only damn car on the road driving through a white out doing 5mph heading to the mountain because I know me and my people gonna have a almost private mountain with our tracks the only lines goin down the snow ;) Nothing like smoking a big fat blunt and plowing through fresh powder!
  12. The coldest weather I've ever experienced was about 10-13 degrees F.

    The hottest probably about 120-130 degrees F.

    I'm interested in experiencing negative 10-20 degrees F just for the experience.

    Like people who live in those frosty places can't fathom what 120-130 degrees feels like,I can't fathom what negative temperatures feel like and it's something I'd like to feel.

    Maybe I'm just a weirdo lol.
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    130 isn't normal, where were you for that?

    There are sauna tournaments where people try to set records in ridiculous temperatures, people die even. Go make a name for yourself and get some money with that temp fetish.
  14. I live in Canada, so it gets pretty damn cold, yesterday it was around -30 F

    Most people become really sedentary in the winter here, i try and get outside lots, even if it's freezing.
  15. Winter normally sucks because my skin gets fucking dry, painfully dry at times. but so far its been pretty mild, only just now getting down to 30s during the day. Little bit of snow and sleet this afternoon, would have been nice to have this on christmas but oh well :smoke: bring on the cold, I'm ready to bust out my warm jacket anyway
  16. Damn thats horrible weather..i nearly died at -13 degrees.. What do you wear?

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  17. Palm Springs CA lol.

    It's no fetish,I fuckin hate it lol.
  18. I live in chicago and the winters here fuckin blow, in every sense of the word.. Plus in black as hell and i get ashy quick so i gotta constantly have lotion. I dont mind it tho really, i actually like the winter.. The crime rate drops a lot when its cold
  19. Its been snowing since like 11 here. Just seen on TV that it's not supposed to stop until midnight. 6 inches expected.

    Looks like I'm walking 2 miles to go pick up my bud. c: I love the snow.
  20. Op does it suck youve never got to smoke while it's snowing? lol

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