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Does Wendy's fast food drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by G4000, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. I know you guys are experienced and probably older than me because I'm 18 but I work at Wendy's in washington state near Olympia and was wondering if FROM experience if you know that they drug test or not? I mean I've read it's a "drug free environment" because I googled it and off of yahoo answers but that's not that reliable. I haven't smoked in a month so I think I'm good. So don't say you'll be fine lol I just want to know if they DO OR DON'T drug test so I can start smoking again :smoke:

  2. I have no knowledge, but if you work there already and no signs of tests are apparent then I'd say you're fine
  3. My girlfriend has always smoked large amounts of bud and she worked at Wendy's for over a year.

    She was NEVER drug tested once. You should be fine, and if it's anything like the Wendy's she worked at, the rest of the crew will be stoners as well!
  4. Google search jobs that drug test. One of the first few hits will be a website with a list of common places to work and what people post about drug testing.
  5. Also be wary. Some say they drug test but they actually don't, unless you screw up and hurt yourself really badly. That way they can say you were intoxicated at the time of the accident so you can't sue them. I just got a job at a supermarket, and they made a huge deal about how they drug test when I was getting hired. I immediately asked my coworkers once I started what their true policy was, and turns out they never drug test. A girl told me she's been there for 5 years and never been tested once. It's expensive for companies to continuously drug test, so I wouldn't be too worried about it.
  6. Judging by the scum that works at my local wendys, no no they dont.
  7. Dude you can do better than Wendys them *****s bottom of the barrell
  8. No, they don't drug test. Fast food wouldn't be running if there were drug tests.
  9. I think you'll get the job right away since you can speak english.
  10. Thanks for all the replies so fast! Love this forum:)
  11. Thanks for all the replies so fast! Love this forum:)

    *edit. oh and all the Wendy's around my area are real nice people and the places are SUPER clean. so, yeah it's a little different here.
  12. Same around here. I think there are a lot of asshole CEO's in this thread ;).
  13. Probably not, because every time I go there the workers are slow as fuck and forget to give me things, haha. But maybe that's because they don't give a shit, because I never did when I worked at restaurants.
  14. I've been working at a Wendy's for about 2 years now and no drug screenings for me :hello:
  15. i doubt it, and thanks for making me hungry

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