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does weight affect your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xMrBoJiNgLeSx, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. does weight affect your high?
  2. ive weighed between 80lbs and 125lbs and i never felt a difference.
  3. yes it does, but some people are different. a friend of mine weights around 10 or 15 lbs more than me and it takes 2 bowls to get him high where as it takes 1 to get me high. i also smoke far more than him. weight does factor into it along with body type.
  4. I have a better question, Does High effect your weight ahha. I always gain 3 pounds from getting 2 crunch wrap surpreams no tomatoes. I am noit lieing the past few nights I have been eating the same shit.
  5. Your weight does not affect your high IIRC it is your metabolism that determines the rate at which you get high and how long it lasts. Bigger people do tend to keep thc in their system longer because more fat = more THC absorption.

    Last year I had a nightly 4 man smoking circle, and the heavier (me and a friend by a good 30-40 pounds) were the lightweights with the smallest kid being the one who could never get high (weed, alcohol, shrooms, lsd - this kid never got as high as we did, he didn't even get small visuals on an eigth of legit shrooms)
  6. I'm pushin 250. The high I get from bowls is normal I guess.
  7. Exactly, but don't go comparing with heavier ppl, because that person might be a lot more tolerant then you. You never really know if that person has the same tolerance as you!

  8. I think it does, but it's only noticeable if you gain like 100 pounds overnight
  9. I'm pretty sure the heavier you weigh, you more you'll have to smoke to get high, without considering tolerance etc etc.
  10. i weigh around 220 and i get high real easy, low imunity to thc i guess
  11. depends on tolerance not your weight, you aren't consuming alcohol.

    Now how fast your body metabolizes the thc once its in your system has a direct correlation with body size.
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    I don't think so.

    I've lost about 80lbs and didn't notice too much of a difference in my medical dosing. My tolerance actually went up a bit. Probably due to healthier foods and a faster metabolism.

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. It takes the same amount of THC molecules to work on the receptors in your brain nomatter how much you weight.

    Alcohol is different. It's a toxin and the % concentration of toxin in your blood does matter. It doesn't work with your brain by "switching" its receptors but rather by poisoning it. It's just a poison that is relatively easy for your liver to clean. Otherwise you would die pretty quickly.
  13. I don't think it does. My husband weighs a good hundred pounds more then me and I can smoke him under the table. :D
  14. Completely false. Your friend weighing 15 more pounds is not why it takes him an additional bowl. Body weight only factors in when talking about tolerance, because THC is stored in fat cells.
  15. :metal: i can out smoke my boyfriend too.haha
  16. I don't think the thc stored in fat affects tolerance. It's just to do with drug testing. I'm pretty sure tolerance is affected by how many receptors are saturated.
  17. This thread is from 8 years ago dude
  18. Lol wtf I didn't realize mb. Will stop using the search function haha.
  19. Yes

    Thank You

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