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Does weed stun growth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by idkwhattoput, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. does smoking weed stun growth
  2. "stunt" is the word you're looking for
  3. I smoke weed everyday and have since I was 15, I'm 24 now and I'm 6'6" so I guess not haha
  4. personally I think so , if your a daily smoker going through puberty I think it will stunt your growth just a tad .

    maybe I'm just mad I haven't grown since my freshman year in highschool haha still 5 '10 with a size 11 shoe for the last 5 years .
  5. Height no. Penis length yes. Blame the weed my friend. Blame the weed.
  6. All the things this heathen weed can do to you and you're worried about growth...Just wait until the leeches hit, man!:cool:
  7. Probably not...:smoke:
  8. No but it stunts your spelling :D
  9. I'm not sure if there's been an actual study on it, but I'd har to say from experience, No but it can cause spontaneous penile dismemberment.
  10. How did you screw up the title AND OP, but not the tags?
  11. Shit yeah it stuns your growth. Just wait until your walking down the street one day then out of no where, BAM your growth gets stunned it gets stunned so hard you might die from shock.
  12. Probably. I'm the only guy in my family who smokes weed and I'm 6'1, while all the rest of the guys in my family, are 6'3 - 6'5
  13. Yes weed will stunt your growth, if you keep smoking it you will be as short as a midget! Sad but true :(
  14. doubt it will make a noticeable difference unless your blazin all day every day since your like 12 or something

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