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Does Weed Smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Masterboss, May 22, 2013.

  1. Okay so I know it does, but how much? I've never had a sense of smell but I've always known it can stink a room out by what I have heard people say, would anyone be able to smell it outside my room in my apartment? If I'm blowing smoke out of my window, can someone who walks past my door smell the smoke? Or would they be able to smell the bud? I know this sounds stupid but I've never thought I had to worry about this sort of stuff but recently thought I should be more careful. Cheers guys :)

  2. More than likely yes..... 
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    Shit :/ lol
  4. Yeah the smell of weed can go from a barely noticeable spicy smell to an extremely pungent skunky smell. But for the most part yes weed stinks. Smells like heaven.
  5. Yeah it smells. I've noticed some people can pick up the smell much easier than others. After I started smoking I'd start noticing the smell much easier when I was around people who had it compared to before I started.
  6. I dont know what your set up is but im sure people can smell that chronic burning. Get a smoke buddy or make a homemade sploof
  7. If down wind I can easily smell it from 15 yards away, The concrete guys at the site a work at blaze while working outside and I can smell it working in the rafters clear as day.

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