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Does weed satisfy you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tyro01, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Does weed satisfy you? I feel that every time i'm done smoking i find myself wanting more. I can never get "full" if you know what i mean. Can this be over come? Have you gotten "full" from weed?
  2. Smoke more weed.....if you have been smoking for a while then take a tolerance break.
  3. If by "full" you mean to the point where I want to be then yes. 2 bowls is a pretty good place for me. Its a little stronger of a buzz and I trip a little bit, but not enough to knock me on my ass and make me sleepy.

    Of course if its in the middle of the day I can smoke more because im not already tired.
  4. No cuz I'll definitely be up there with the clouds, i have really no tolerance (once a week), and then I'll be like "just one more" lol.

  5. Im the same way, Once a week. If its later in the day though I tend to cut down so I dont fall asleep to early.
  6. There's a reason there are people who smoke all day every day
  7. Yes but i wonder if those people have ever been mega stoned/satisfyed and just want to experience that again
  8. Agreed. Maybe its your bud? Ifyou havent smoked anything thats retarded bomb shit dankaroo then maybe thats why :hello:
  9. I was 'full' then i took a break for a little, and decided to cut down a lot. From daily toking to a few times a week. But now im find that on weekends im getting to my old routine of smoking over and over again.
  10. When I smoke weed I'm pretty easily satisfied which is a good thing because that means I get too save more of it for later and weed is expensive and hard for me too get a hold of. Right now I'm broke and dry but hopefully I'll change that later on this week.
  11. Lol that could be it, but i definitely got the highest i have ever been last night and i was like "Aww just one more bowl". But the stuffed we smoke had a bunch of red hairs in it and it was from a brick so it definitely was pretty good. i dunno maybe its all in my head... :(
  12. It probably wasn't that great if it was brick weed man. Check out this guide to see where you're at as far as quality goes.

    A step up from mids to dank while blow your top off my friend. You could easily achieve the fullness you seek.

  13. Not trying to be a dick, but I have never heard of brick being a good thing...
  14. Oh, is it bad?
  15. Did you skip over my post man?

    Yes, bricked weed is bad. It's usually shwag or mids. red hairs doesn't automatically make it good bud, either. Take a look at the guide I suggested in my first post in this thread.

    Either way, it's still weed. Smoke it up and have a good time. Remember, things like mood, setting and company can severely affect your high.

  16. Yeah its *In general* bad, you can still get ripped from it but you want nice dense frosty nugs, where you at in Iowa dude,I grew up and started smoking pot there, I just moved away but I'm moving back next year to attend isu

  17. Do you mean brick as in dry, dense, and compressed. Probably brown or a very dark color with no crystals. Something that might have looked like this at one point.

    Or just pieces. Nugs, like this bud right here.
  18. It was nugs like that but not quite as fluffy, it wasn't as crystallized as that tho.
  19. fuck yeah, im sorted after a few bowls and don't feel the need to carry on
  20. depends on my mood

    i smoke every day, but only after work.. so i'll usually smoke 2-4 small bowls right when I get home, then another 2 a few hours later.
    i'm usually satisified with that

    on weekends i smoke alot more, ofc.
    then im not satisfied for a while, dunno if i ever really am, just kinda "forget" to go smoke lol.

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