Does weed not bring us all together?

Discussion in 'General' started by iMarihuana, May 13, 2011.

  1. I just read this

    And it really got me thinking, i have met so many new people from smoking bud. Some become long term friends, some just people that i smoked with. But i really think its crazy how many people you meet from toking up a joint or smoking a bowl. Dont really hear about people making and meeting all these cool new people from smoking cigs, or drinking a beer (not much anyways)... Why does the government have to trash on marijuana so much :(
  2. I've met a lot of people whom I'm close with now through blazing.
  3. yes its necessary in this part of life, its an essential thing
    i really like it
  4. the favorite person I've met from smoking is myself, but yeah, some cool friendships have sprouted from the seed (not that kind, get your mind outta the gutter) that is planted during the first sesh. Of course, there are those that are only friends with your because they like your weed.

    I see it more as a common ground (especially in cases of different national background), and real friendships are solidified by additional common interests/ideologies. Otherwise, he/she is just a good smoke bud.
  5. Sane here man
  6. no you meet more people when you go drinking because it happens in a social environment (bars parties etc) but smoking is usually in small groups
  7. When I go to the dispensary, I sometimes just sit and chat with the owner.

    One thing I have noticed is the total diversity of the people who come in- young skateboarders, construction workers, college kids, frail cancer patients, burnt-out speed freaks, returning vets from several wars, even the "soccer Mom" mother of one of my former students :)eek:! That made for one "interesting" conversation! lol) - but all of us, different as we are, are brought together by our need and love of this ancient medicinal herb.

    I'm an old hippie chick. I remember how there was an almost sacred feel to sitting in a circle and passing a joint or pipe. Back then, even in California, a couple of roaches could get you 20 years in prison.* We were literally trusting the other guys in our circle with our futures! It made us very close.

    When you passed the joint, your hands would touch and your eyes would meet. There was a sense of communication, community and communion. :smoke:

    I'd like to see that feeling come back (without the threat hanging over our heads). The name "Grass City" says it- we are a community united by cannabis.

    Cannabis is a joyful party! :smoking:

    Cannabis is a healer! :yay:

    Cannabis is a sacrament that makes you whole. :love:

    Granny :wave:

    *Timothy Leary- 1968

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