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Does weed make your teeth yellow?

Discussion in 'General' started by JustChill84, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I've been smoking everyday for about 6 months and was wondering if I continue smoking if my teeth will turn yellow? Im blazed as shit and was sitting here wondering.
  2. Nah, my teeth are still pretty white

  3. lmfao :hello: thats jokes but no i don't think smoking weed is bad for your teeth i know tobacco is but i don't think weed is.. :smoking:
  4. hahahaah lol at rm, but yeah from my experience no. My teeth have remained quite white after 3 years of daily smoking.
  5. Well every kind of smoke has to have SOME effect on your teeth, just like eating any kind of food does. But the reason "tobacco" has a bad effect is because of the shit in there, like the tar and nasty shit, but you really wont be running into many problems smoking a natural herb, just make sure you brush like your supposed to and dont smoke cigerettes, also stay away from any drugs that are not natural, especially meth, that will fuck your teeth so bad.
  6. this brings up a question i have

    is meth mouth caused BY meth, or is it caused by meth addicts who do not care for their teeth at all and just eat sugary/unhealthy foods that kill their teeth?

    is it their food behavior or the drug?
  7. It's caused by the gnomes!

    They crawl in at night, and chip away at the teeth. They also piss on them when they leave, 'cause they hate humans.

    Actually, I do not know.

    But yeah, I'm entirely sure it does. I wouldn't be surprised if it was around the same rate as with cigarettes.
  8. this guy broke it down for me. If its brown and you smoke it the smell lingers and stains things. If its green and you smoke it the smell does not linger and it does not stain as bad.
  9. its because the meth supresses their saliva glads making bacteria and acid flourish.. also they would rather spend money on meth than a dentist.
  10. It may make your teeth yellow just like cigarettes do. If you smoke enough maybe it will turn your teeth green. Use a teeth whitener to combat the yellow teeth. I live in Arizona and I use Sensational Smiles. I have white teeth for sure.
  11. ^^ this and the fact that they are constantly grinding their teeth because of the meth which is why many are missing teeth because they grind them until they break, chip and so on

    I like the fact that your name is smiles for arizona. Your totally not a guy getting us to try to buy sensational smiles... *rolls eyes*

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