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Does weed make your eyes dilate?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Delluhsion, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. It might only be me, but whenever i smoke some good ole' herb my eyes seem to dilate(turn huge). I don't mean like bigger then normal, i mean HUGE almost as if some one can conclude im on lsd or something.
    Yes my eyes turn blood shot also =/
  2. Never happened to me,but I guess its possible.
    If its super strong or some shit.
    I've wondered this myself but have never experienced it or seen it happen to anyone before.
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    The first time I smoked my pupils looked like black saucers with a small faint brown outline, it was crazy.

    Since then, and I smoke all the fucking time, my pupils do not dilate, not much for me to notice at least. Idk :confused_2:
  4. It happens when I smoke sativas
  5. I've noticed it doesn't really happen when I'm smoking flowers. However, when I smoke hash my pupils do become dilated. I think it depends on the dosage of thc.

    So if you were to smoke a lot of weed, your pupils might dilate. You may have to do perform a science experiment to reach conclusive evidence ;)
  6. Nope, little red from time to time but nothing noticeable.

    I've smoked gram blunts back to back by myself and all that happened was my eyes got like halfway bloodshot, but damn was I high.

    Lesson here is, the more you smoke, the less you appear high?
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    It always happens to me for some reason, when i first started smoking my eyes never became so bloodshot or dilated as they become now. I'm guessing it has to be the strong strains because all my friends compliment the dealer on such a awesome toke but dam it's a dead give away... now i'm going to have to wear sunglasses. :)
    I also like to note I don't cough as much anymore, even when im in tokes with friends they'll cough up a storm but I don't seem to cough but as I do get blitted. This is weird ehh? lol
  8. Yeah it depends on your tolerance too I bet. When I had a higher tolerance I would vape a bowl and my eyes wouldn't get that red. Once my tolerance got lower my eyes would be really red after the same amount. Like you said, more potent strains could also be a likely cause.

    Sunglasses are a good idea, just not indoors or at night. That's usually a dead giveaway that you're probably stoned. Make sure to have eye drops just in case.

    Also, I have always coughed. Never really seemed to get rid of it.
  9. My eyes are constantly dilated. It is a medical phenomena. They videotaped me for medical students at the emergency room.
  10. my first 5 times or so they did alot. Now if they dilate, it's like by a quarter my usual size. Nothing major or noticeable.
  11. It may dilate them a bit, but definitely not like certain things which make my eyes look like black quarters with about a mm of colour around them.
  12. i havent experienced dilated pupils but i agree with him ive been smoking for 8 years and everyone that i work with thinks im a sober saint so with experience u can be a stealth smoker lol
  13. When I started smoking my eyes where getting so dilated lol. But I found that in the sun they were alright... Haha wierd shit I guess. Well just stay chill and everything will be alright !
  14. My eyes never get red anymore but my pupils get HUGE every single time
  15. recently the only thing it does to my eyes is make em go heaps glassy but no dilation or redness having said that i used smoke and end up looking like i had pink eye haha
  16. My friends pupils get huge all the time but it's only happened to me a couple times
  17. [quote name='"littlejord"']My friends pupils get huge all the time but it's only happened to me a couple times[/quote]

    Gee, way to contradict yourself lol.
  18. [quote name='"thestonedstoner"']

    Gee, way to contradict yourself lol.[/quote]

    Noooo lol u read it wrong I think, I'm talking about my friend in the first sentence, not myself
  19. I do get dilation and of course, the glassy look. I don't get red eyes (luckily) but I often use eye drops just for my own confidence, if that makes sense.
  20. Your eyes dialate because THC releases dopamine in your brain and your eyes respond by dilating. It happens to me when I smoke alot

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