Does weed make you scare easier?

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  1. I'm a jumpy guy, I'll come right out and say it.Quite frequently I'll be so focused on what I'm doing or what I'm thinking that when somebody interrupts me, I jump. Quite litterally, I'll jump right off the floor. And I've never really been a big fan of scary movies or video games. I've got a bit of an overactive imagination at times.

    That being said, I thought the John DeFoe series of adventure games were awesome. So naturally, I thought "Hey, I bet they'd be even freakier on weed." Mind you these are games that do occasionally have jump scares and whatnot.

    Oddly enough, I've found that even though I do get paranoid about some things, such as getting caught, my imagination tends not to run wild when playing games that would normally scare me.

    Generally when I do these things I'll do them when I'm home alone, and I'm not in a great neighborhood to begin with. I just find it odd that weed would actually reduce my paranoia in these situations. Is anyone else like this?

  2. I remember when I'd go to school high, my friend would always jump at me to try and scare me, and if I reacted to it I was high, If I didn't react, it usually meant I wasn't high hahaha. I didn't even have to tell him, he'd just do that and know Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  3. Funk-D fears no one. 
  4. Honestly the oppositeSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. It all depends on how high I am and the situation that I'm in, I tend to get scared easier if I see something a bit weird and I'll be more on edge and ready to get out of the situation however I need to, but I'm normally pretty aware on the street so it's just me being hyper aware when stoned really, I smoke outside most of the time too so weird shit does go down.
  6. Nah, don't scare easier if I'm high. My reaction time to everything does slow down massively, but also my brain doesn't quite connect things. Someone tries to scare me and I'm all 'Heeeeeey. Hey I see what you're doing there' about fifteen minutes later.
    I do tend to get quite paranoid coming down though.
  7. i often walk home from a mates house after a bake session, and the shorter way is through a wooded street with very eerie lighting and a spooky story behind it.
    i find when i walk through i will think about it more and get scared, but then something will distract me and i wont be scared anymore.
    so aslong as i dont think too deeply into it, it wont scare me. 
  8. no because i do not have a vagina
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    Depending on what is going on while I'm high. Like when I get into a massive marathon of creepy pasta reading or If my eyes begin to mess with me, for example looking immediately when I see something run from the corner with my peripheral vision.
  10. Only if I see the police enforcers
  11. Nope.. It's almost the opposite.. Then again I do feel more ominous when I'm stoned and alone.. Rereading I don't even know if that's the right word....

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