Does WEED make you LAZY?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by StrikerSiX, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. I find smoking weed to often makes ya LAZY it sure does for me so I smoke it not to often any of you have the same thing going on?
  2. No!

    My mind starts churning and I get constructive. I like to be doing something. I get high sometimes just to get motivated to do the things that need to be done. It doesn't make me lazy at all.

    I do get high and just kick back and chill, too, though. I can be lazy if I wanna!!!!
  3. It doesn't make me lazy at all. Most of the time it lightens up the pain so I can go on with my chores!

    RMJL has a good point! You'll only be lazy if you want to be lazy. That goes with or without marijuanna!
  4. I don't get lazy, even when I am sitting still. My mind is always working, thinking, rationalizing, problem solving, brainstorming.....

    My fiance (Pres. LaLa), discovered that if he would ask me to do ANYTHING while I am baked, I would end up cleaning the whole room, the whole house, ect. because I get into the work, and don't stop until I am finished.

    I find that smoking lets me open my mind up to the joy that is suppose to be associated with good old fashion hard work.
  5. I do the same thing. I'm so easy going that I love doing almost anything while baked. I often smoke to get my ass in gear and end up doing a lot of chores that have been sitting around unattended to for days.

    However, I don't think that the idea that pot makes you lazy is a total myth. I do tend to enjoy my time alone more, and am more able to derive value from just chilling than I would normally. So when I think back to what I did all day long, it seems pretty lazy in retrospect. "Uh, yeah, I watched TV all day long. And I ate some chips."

    It's really hard to say if I didn't smoke whether or not I'd be more active and outgoing, however. I'm pretty easy going to start with, and I've heard a lot of other people say the same thing. "The pot didn't make me lazy, I was like that to begin with." I think it might have something to do with how it makes your mind race, and by comparison your body might seem relatively inactive. I think there is something to the amotivational syndrome people talk about, but I can't say if it's really a problem. I've heard people say that pot doesn't make you too lazy to do stuff, it just makes you realize that not many things are worth doing. I've also heard someone say everything is better while high, but the trouble is when you're not high, you don't feel like doing anything.

    I tend to agree with this last point. I think it's important to not be high all the time. As long as your "normal" state is not-high, when you ARE high it will be an enjoyable experience, rather than a "return to normal". I think this is a big part of avoiding becoming lazy.

    Another reason might be simply fatigue. Pot tends to wind me right up to the point that I can't relax and can't sleep. I can imagine that doing it too frequently might lead to laziness simply because you're tired.

    Anyway, my two cents...
  6. heavy indicas... yeah, I guess u could say they make me lazy... but i only really experienced this with white widow.

    and it isn't so much being lazy. It's more realizing that theres no point in doing alot of the irrational bull that society sez we 'should' do.

    (heehee, thats 200 posts! kewl)

  7. Exactly! I think that is what people who oppose legalization are most frightened of. They are all afraid that Average Jane Citizen will start smoking, quit her job, and not even come down off her high long enough to care.

    I have noticed in the last year, that a lot of the things that use to get to me, just don't matter anymore. My life is too busy, and full of joy to waste my time moaning over things that I can't control, and weren't my fault in the first place.... :)

    **A free society is only as free as the minds of its citizens.**


  8. I've thought this before too, that the root of prohibition really isn't just irrational hysteria about the danger of the drug, but a fear that its use will lead to some sort of uprising and power shift. If this is the case, then legalization is pretty much a pipe dream.

    It's not that the pot user's lifestyle is necessarily incompatible with the American way of life, but I think an unenlightened populace is much easier to control. Personally, I like most of what the western world has to offer (except for, of course, the unjustified infringements of my personal freedoms).
  9. I usually fall asleep after a while.
  10. zerocool adds the punchline to a discussion about the unspoken truth of the herb.
  11. I find pot makes you lazy after you smoke it all day long. That's a given. But on a whole, if you wanna be lazy, you well be. There's nothing better than smoking a joint and chilling with a good book, TV show/movie, or sitting in front of the computer. Pot makes my hands bored - in other words, I have got to be doing something. Lazy is a state of mind. If you wanna veg out, you will. All the power to you. But if you got a project to do, you'll do that. I painted my kitchen completely fried. But I've also worn grooves in my couch completely fried. A high is what you make it. No two are the same, and if you got ten people in a room, all high, they're all tripping in their own way. So be lazy, be creative, be busy - just enjoy.
  12. This is how it is for me.

    Schwag usually makes me really lazy, I mean if Im walking Im alright, but once I sit down its OVER. Sleeping and eating is all Ill be doing in the next hours.

    Other weed generally gives me a LOT of energy, until I start coming down.

    Ive noticed lately that when I smoke at night, go to sleep high, I wake up slow, tired, crabby, and drained of energy.

  13. and yet "we" almost always seem to end up with a label of "crazy", "goofy", "pothead", ect. in main stream society.
    Is it because they don't believe us, or because they believe so blindly what they are TOLD by society/mainstream media/governmental agencies?

    There is a great movie out there called "Groove". It is an Indie Film, so it might not be for everyone, but I loved it!!! It is all about a ONE NIGHT RAVE, and the people at this rave.... very interesting.
  14. when i'm at my ex's house, i'm super lazy. if i'm at my house i usually start cleaning or i re-arrange my room. then i pass out

  15. Having thought about this a bit more, I guess the main reason for continuing prohibition is really more because it provides an easy way to target "enemies". Drug users are a minority, admitted users a smaller minority, and are easy to pick on. Drug users also tend to be non-conformists, so prohibition is an easy way to keep these folks under control. No need to target communists anymore, just target pot smokers and you've got most of them right there, along with lots of other undesirables.

    This is why the fact that the War on Drugs can't be won is not going to convince the powers that be to change their strategy-- they know it can't be won, and they like it that way. If they did win, and no one used drugs anymore, how would they control the non-conformists?

  16. convinvce YOUR powers that be. the rest of the world is winning the war on drugs just fine..

    ...have fun in the states guys!
  17. damn im an asshole :D

    anyway, i hate to say it, but smoking makes me LAZY.. most of the time its like my entire body just glows with this magical warm feeling which makes anything but the most neccessary chores (read: my roof is caving in) just seem completely fucking impossible.


  18. I find smoking weed only makes you lazy if you want to be. Most the times i just chill but if i smoke and go to work I'm way on top of things. It puts me in a zone. And when at home and something needs to be done i don't think twice i just do it.
  19. I've been thinking that there is such a large infrastructure created and maintained by the War on Drugs. Take all the lawyers, judges, jailers, wardens who profit from this war. If the war were won, the billions of dollars needed to maintain it wouldn't be there for them. IMHO this is not a war meant to be won, just continued forever. It's all still about money, no matter what the rhetoric used to defend it.

    I'm a pot star in my own homegrown
  20. I agree with RMJL/Bud Head on this. When I want to be lazy, pot helps me relax and stop worrying about things I usually worry about.
    But otherwise, marijuana is something that makes my creative juices flow, and any activity, INCLUDING cleaning the bathroom seems more tolerable and feasible a task to take care of. In fact, like the Lala's :))), I often find myself so absorbed in my task that I get more than I had planned done, and that's pretty darn cool sometimes.


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