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Does weed make you happy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ganja ☤, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Like if you are in a bleh mood, when you smoke do you get in a better mood? Or do you stay in a bleh mood?

    Out of the 5 years I've toked daily, I've never really paid attention to how it affects my mood.
  2. Depends on the strain, Sativa will usually get me goin quick.
  3. Yeah man of course :smoking:   But i use it mostly for anxiety so I go with full bodied sativas with that uplfiting, soaring yet calming effect.
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    Yes, bro. With my social anxiety and some side problems, I feel better while high.

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  5. I'm not sure about "happy"..but it can sure make me laugh.

    Was watching "All is Lost" last night with the wife. Guy goes overboard and is being dragged though the water along side the boat, hanging onto a rope.

    My wife (sober) asked "Was he trying to abandon ship?" I said "If he was, now he probably wishes he wasn't."

    Struck me funny, and I laughed until I almost injured myself.

    Then my wife started laughing about me yeah, I guess we were both pretty happy...thanks entirely to weed.
  6. God, yes m

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  7. Yes, happy, hungry and horny.
  8. no man...weed pisses me off... not sure why I grow it and smoke it daily...:mad:
  9. I went to Vegas for Edc last year and the first day as pulled into the house l I was staying at I blew a tire, broke my phone and got $150 taken from my account by accident(took 5 days to get it back). After everything only had $300 left in my account for a week in Vegas and a drive back to fl. So as I am freaking out my mom comes out of her room with a packed bowl and instantly got happy and figured out how I was going to handle everything.

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  10. For me, it all depends on what's going on around me. Not really the bud. Like today, it's cloudy, gray, dull and my town is covered in 4ft of snow. So after I smoked. I still felt like today is a fuckin shit stain. But if I watch a funny ass movie, or with friends or if I go hiking (with friends) then I'll be outgoing and happy.
  11. If it didn't make me happy I wouldn't smoke it...
  12. If I'm pissed off or stressed about something, or some predicament, smoking definitely calms me down and lets me think a little more rationally. If I'm happy, smoking weed makes me even happier. Alcohol, on the other hand...
  13. If im pissed ill forget what im even mad about.
    If im sad/depressed it normally makes it worse. I tend not to smoke when im sad/upset.
  14. Absolutely. It's like putting salve on a scrape. It just soothes life and takes the irritation out.
    Dude...I feel like a stupid ass. I just realized your avatar wasn't Eminem.......I'm guessing it's Hamlet..if I'm wrong it's still closer than Eminem.
  16. sometimes it makes me feel quite jolly and uplifted, while other times not necessary that it brings me even lower, but more it will allow me to see things on a completelly different side...
  17. Haha, that's ok, I just cracked up pretty hard. Its Lawrence Olivier as hamlet. It's an old movie so no biggie.

    Hamlet was the original slim shady. ;)

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  18. It can change my mood for the better akin flipping a light switch. That's one of the many "great positives" I get out of using medical marijuana. I often joke that marijuana should be pumped into the prison system. Things would be far more mellow for the caged and ancillary people.
  19. lmao it makes me forget about whatever problems I had that day, it relieves stress so yeah it makes me happy
  20. Yes and no, mostly music effects my mood n itl really effect it while high dunno y

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