Does weed make you cry ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Corrie&3R, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. been smoking for about 3 years steadily ... And first year weed made me feel great. Worked out all the time, loved the outdoors, was generally happy across all boards.
    These days whenever I get high I get so upset. Whatever is bothering me at the time, whether work or personal. I'm crying almost every time I smoke. Haven't been able to achieve the same levels of happiness that I used to. I used to feel so bright, now even when I am happy - it's like a half happy. Is this just growing pains? Or is this an effect of extended use ?
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  2. perhaps your unhappy with the way your life is currently going and need to work on solving some emotional problems before you continue to smoke.
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  4. I know personally I have cried before while smoking. It was because I thought of all the people I lost and it got to me.
  5. I have always had a very stressful job - and has always been the common denominator to any real issues - that being said - weed used to be able to take me out of it - an escape ... Now it just makes me focus on it even harder than if I'm sober >.>
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  6. No Never.only when laughing couple of tears of fun.

    would you not just cry without the weed anyhow.
    Dunno what your smoking but id give it a miss if its bringing you down it cheers most folk up im sure.
    Cheer up.
  7. Perhaps you should look into ways to handle the stress first.

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  8. I don't know. I think it just might make my brain a little wonky. Like how some people metabolize alcohol differently. It's gotta be something else other than me. I was never this emotional before. :thumbsdown:
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  9. Well, on the plus side you can easily take weed out of the equation to see if it helps any.

    I'm not one to give advice, since the level that has to be maintained requires an occupation...I don't have one of those...But I tried once.:coolalt:
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  10. Believe me I am. I am doing all I can. I have a lot of hobbies and I am always actively trying to have a good time even if I am not feeling it 100%. I even went to the doctor. I was just curious to know if it's ever affected anyone else in this way. I work 50+ hours on my feet, very physical work and also dealing with mgmt situations and financials. I am trying to decide if I'm going to give up the job and go back to school or give up the weed and see if it makes a difference.
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  11. Do you have a list of issues and options?

    Usually it helps to refer to the list when an issue just won't get out of your mind.
    Take a look at the options you have listed.
    Does anything need to change or be modified?
    If not, relax, you already have a plan for that issue.

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  12. I think weed is like everything, depending on your mood before toking you will endlessly think of sad stuffs if you're in a " low mood " one of my friends used to cry too after it while smoking but only because he was upset or anxious or just in a negative or low mood, at least that's what I think
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  13. the weed is just going to enhance the emotions you already experience....
    its not the cause of the emotion to my opinion .
    try smoking in happy company...
    getting high has always been a social thing to me.
    good luck with your problem anyway.
  14. It sounds like your job is the main source of your stress, so the only way to deal with the stress is to fix your employment situation. Using cannabis or having hobbies to distract yourself is not fixing the problem, it's basically putting a band-aid on a big cut hoping it will stop the bleeding, you need to stitch that cut up at the source to stop it from bleeding into other parts of your life.
    Cannabis is just allowing your subconscious to get a message of distress out to your conscious mind.
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  15. Only time weed made me cry is if I got smoke in my eye.
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  16. Does weed make me cry ?

    Sure does now its at $2.00 per gram

    see a doc

    good luck
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  17. 2 a g in Russia? Dam the gluten over there
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  18. Could be the weed then,its maybe making you overthink the bad things bud.
    It can be hard to keep off it if your mind has nothing else to focus on but id maybes give it a go
    Just so maybes next time you smoke you enjoy it,rather than it make you emotional.
    Have you any underlying mental health problems ?you might not even know about.
    I have myself but weed still makes me feel elated and takes the weight of my chest.
  19. No.

    The female body is a radio of emotions...most of them end in tears no matter what you do.

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