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Does weed make anyone else peaceful?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. ok idk if it's just me. but lately when I've been getting high I've been becoming so peaceful and against the corrupt bullshit in the world. This is all new to me, and probably has a lot to do with a new class I'm taking which goes over the corruption in the world that's taking place right now. But still, am I the only one? 

  2. Yea man, I suffer from sever ptsd. Weed is my only medicine I take and is the most effective hands down. If I get really worked up and have thought s of harming myself or others, I just smoke a bowl and I start laughing at myself for way I was acting. My mood is flipped and life is great once again. But with time I suggest you chill with some real chill hippy peeps and open your mind and soul, they will feel your vibes and you will feel theirs. Its amazing how your outlook on hate, violence, ect. Will change. Its a beautiful experience that has formed my views on peace and love. I just turned 26. A few years ago I was a trained killer, no mercy, blood thirsty animal. And re trained my heart and soul to love, be passive, share life with all walks of life. Everybody love everybody. Most of all I'm at peace with myself and my past military slaughters. One thing about corruption, america is at the top of the list for corruption. Greed, ignorance, and good old terrorism. I soaked my hands with blood for this country only to learn we are the bad guys.. Shitty deal

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  3. That actually seems to be one of the biggest stoner stereotypes.
  4. This is common knowledge at this point. The most publicized side effect of smoking weed is a much more grounded perspective of the self, and an increase in global awareness. I'm sure subconsciously your new class has acted as a catalyst, but you could have been unemployed and depressed, and you probably would have reached the same conclusion about the world you live in as long as you sparked up a blunt.
  5. Haha I swear that weed made me more laid back and like more open minded. I feel like everyone should be treated equal. I'm against racism and shit and yea
  6. yea forsure

    when i smoke weed i dont want any problems with anyone, im real nice to people. just relaxed

    but when im drunk, the slightest thing makes me turn into the hulk!

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