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Does weed make anyone else peaceful?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. ok idk if it's just me. but lately when I've been getting high I've been becoming so peaceful and against the corrupt bullshit in the world. This is all new to me, and probably has a lot to do with a new class I'm taking which goes over the corruption in the world that's taking place right now. But still, am I the only one? 

  2. Yeah, weed definitely relaxes me and helps me to see what's really going on around me.
  3. It definitely helps me keep my sanity.

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  4. For sure I even get fairly sad when people bring up how corrupt our world is and how we cant really do anything about it.  Pathetic that 2% of the worlds population controls 98% of the worlds wealth.  Or how I bust my ass every week to out food on the table, and do I even get to see that money? No, it just goes into my bank account and the banks tend to help themselves.
  5. get high and go for a walk, nature beats man most of the time IMHO
  6. for me it relaxes and brings my mood up

    But what i dont like about weed is it brings all my energy and awareness into my head. the rest of my body just feels useless and drained.

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  7. I'm honestly surprised at all these people agreeing with you. I love weed but it does NOT make me feel peaceful, in fact it does the complete opposite... makes me paranoid. Maybe if I'm alone and was walking around in nature I could see myself feeling peaceful and at one with nature, etc. I can definitely say that weed is relaxing on my body though, just NOT my mind. But the main benefit I see/get from smoking is it just makes entertaining things even more entertaining and fun. When I get home from work/school I sit on my ass and play video games/ watch shows,movies, streams, etc. If weed makes something more enjoyable then I'm definitely going to be high while doing it, especially when I don't have much time to do entertaining things anymore. 
  8. I'm surprised so many ppl post threads about this as I thought it was universal. To me it'd be like some one asking, does anyone else get drunk from drinking alcohol haha. How often do you hear of ppl becoming violent while stoned?
  9. Oh most definitely I would say when I smoke I get into a more reasonable person and I can think of ways to get out of bad situations, but I think if I got into a fight while stoned Ill be a better fighter. Does anyone else have better reflexes when they get high?  
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    i think thats pretty much a stoner's MO, "fuck it dude"  A stoner is the guy who sits back with his bong and watches shit happens.  The opposite would be the type A or alpha who has to be in the middle of everything.  
  11. Yeah I feel like it does in a way, like I just think about things like were all humans how can you possibly treat someone worse than you want to be treated. You know just like a why cant people live on this planet without such a huge impact on the environment.
  12. that isn't what i mean. I just mean like how when I'm high I start thinking about how fucked up some shit is. Like war and guns and how animals are being kept and shit bro
  13. Take a religion or philosophy class. Went to that shit stoned everyday, really makes you think
  14. I've really been starting to think that weed can help to move you more towards enlightenment
    It lets your thoughts flow naturally so you can live in the moment
    People usually talk about depersonalization as a bad side effect, but I like to think of it as a loss of ego. It lets you to see things from a different, more universal point of view, rather than just how things effect your particular emotions
    It definitely helps during kundalini meditation, I can achieve the same state ten times quicker when I'm high
  15. yes. if i'm pissed and sit down and smoke it'll totally change my mood around 
  16. This. Any time I'm pissed, right to the bong

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