Does weed like to be smoked?

Discussion in 'General' started by btothejay, Feb 6, 2004.


Does weed wanna be smoked?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. It probably doesn't care either way

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  4. btothejay is way too stoned...Well that's a gimme.

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  1. If weed (or the essence of weed, or whatever you wanna call it) could talk, would it be "YAY! Toke me up!" or "What the? Hey Stop that! Don't try to burn me, what are you nuts? Would you smoke Carl over there? Put me down!"? Or would it not care?
  2. it wouldnt get you high if it didnt wanna be smoked, it would just be like hey fuck you, you just smoked me
  3. weed loooooooooves getting smoked. One time i was with Weed, and we were smokin, and hes like "Yo man! I looove being smoked!" So after we finished blazing, i smoked his ass!

    Then Weed's buddy Pot came over and says "Ahh dude! You smoked him and didnt even smoke me?!"

    So obviously i smoked Pot.

    Halfway through Pot says "Thanks man! This is awesome!"

    so there you have it. a first hand experience of weed's love of smokendom.
  4. Of course weed likes to be smoked....cuz do you think it dies when it gets burned?? it stays for the high!!!
  5. whoa man thats like a deep question and stuff... but i agree with that one guy who said if weed didnt wanna be smoked it wouldnt get u high... but weed is my friend... i smoke him, he smokes me... its a good old time.
  6. Ya man, weed wants to be smoked ever since it starts growing. Weed's favourite part of its life cycle is to get packed into a nice bowl or a joint. So really, when you toke up, youre doing the weed a favour and the weed does you a favour too cuz u get high.its like relationship between man and plant.
  7. Hell yeah it wants to be smoked!!!

    Weed loves the big bong hits and the pipe...:smoking:

  8. Not *Carl*, man! He's a war veteran!

    * Throws pudding into Lenny's eye

  9. Most definately, it's a mutual thing between the two of us. I choke her and she blows me, all at the same time.
    If she didnt like it, she wouldnt keep comin' back for more.
    My mistress in fact, i keep her a secret!

    As long as noone finds out, sees, or smells evidence of love making in the midst, we will continue to sneak around with one another, committing unmentional acts in the closet.
  10. you must've been stoned when you posted this
  11. Hell ya i'm blazed right now!:)
  12. whoa.....iam trippin.....its like, when u take a hit, a blow out the smoke, if u look really hard, u can see a face smileing! AHHH! think about it!!!

    and of course i would smoke karl the kronic bud, but not *CARL!!!* lol

    stop asking shit that makes me trip, its scary@!

  13. yeah.... he never makes it past 1 week 12/12 with me ;)
  14. the only way weed is trully happy is fuckin up your head..definitly..and good thread, haha, peace
  15. it's incapable of thinking. smoke a bowl or 2 less next time...

  16. how do you know??? are you the weed??? NO!

    so yeah i think the weed likes to be smoked y not,that is its purpose isnt it?,or is it just to sit there,hmmmmmmm....................
  17. sure weed likes to be smoked. I just wish he was here for me to smoke.
  18. does pot like to be smoked? it was made to be smoked :smoke: up!!
  19. FUCK YEA!!!. that shit just wants to die for meeeee :smoke:
  20. I'm in love with Mary Jane...

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