Does weed legalization threaten consumerism?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Messiah Decoy, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Why do you need big house, a big car and a big bank account when your perfectly happy being stoned, playing with your dog, eating a pizza, and watching The Twilight Zone marathon?
    It seems cannabis makes you satisfied with simple things which opposes the drive of consumerist culture.
    What do you guys think?

  2. far from true...

    that is all.
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    Yes, I believe it does. Now certainly to some minds this plays into the stereotype of being lazy and unmotivated. But I do not think that is really true. It can have that effect in a way, but only due to some deeper effect and how it relates to latent tendencies in the individual's psychology. It is true, it is very easy to be happy and satisfied with just basic things when you are high. And this is a good thing. Why is running around mindlessly buying and doing certain activities the 'right' way of living, and relaxing high and enjoying your basic life wrong? 
    So yes, it will create a greater tendency in the population towards general contentment, without compulsions towards consuming. And I think it is a step towards an apparently gradual transformation of our society and culture.
  4. I don't know about that. IMO, it does threaten Big Pharma and the alcohol manufacturers. Oh, and the money making side of the prison system. If everyone drank the amount of alcohol that I drink (very little), the alcohol business would be bankrupt in less than a year. Unfortunately, many stoners enjoy mixing alcohol with cannabis (I get hardy) but, it's a very dangerous combination should you decide to get in your car and go for a cruise.
  5. "There's some different laws out here in Colorado," Manning told Sports Illustrated in an interview published Thursday. "Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes."
  6. ... Can't stand it when people tell me "why do you need this, you don't need that"
    I can spend my money on whatever I want. 
    Nobody is telling you anything..
    The argument is does the cannabis plant make people more satisfied with what they already have and threaten consumerist culture.
  8. Depends on the person. 
    When I smoke I feel that way, but it's a dangerous game to play into.. 
    What's dangerous about it?
    Is satisfaction dangerous?
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    It's the fact that it's not necessarily really true satisfaction, if your goal in life is to smoke weed, not live it big, and not have any major life goals other than just getting by that's fine there is nothing wrong with that if that's truely what you want to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting a big house or a nice car - as long as if you are satisfied with what you have accomplished and what you have. 
    But having a goal and constantly lowering the bar because being high makes yourself feel better how things currently are isn't how I personally want to live. But that's just me, I don't think anybody should have to choose to live how I want to live, to each his own
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    There is nothing wrong with a big house and big car unless you sacrifice countless time and energy to obtain it.
    But if you sacrifice too much precious time for something big and shiny you have lost something you will never get back and for what?
    Higher status among other people who are shallow? Those people won't be around if you ever lose your big and shiny stuff so what good are they?
    You don't need to waste time climbing a pyramid with only a little room at the top. You can spark a fat jay and enjoy the view of the pyramids from the Nile.  
    There's nothing wrong with realizing you have everything you need to be happy. Because most people who ingore their blessing now will ignore them later too.
  12. "It's not true satisfaction."
    lol, there are millions of people in Third World countries who would kill to be sitting where we're sitting.
    We have every reason to be satisfied with our working cars, working electricity, working running water, working internet, plentiful grocery stores, plentiful entertainment, stable economy, dependable safety, etc..
    Ignoring those many blessings and demanding more silver and gold is a curse more than anything.
  13. Ok, and what is living simpler going to change about that?
  14. I'm not advocating change, you are.

    I'm advocating appreciation and satisfaction with what you have in "the present".
  15. Ok, but your satisfaction isn't the same as somebody else's
  16. Fair point, but I'd say cannabis can potentially make someone more satisfied then they'd usually be.
  17. the answer is no

    each person is different

    Maybe some.people become less.materialistic on weed (assuming weed isn't a material desire)

    But not all

    Nothing will change

  18. Watch tv insted

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  19. I want the big fancy toys plus the weed

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  20. I disagree with the op if nothing else it will spark the economy. Smart phone sales, video game sales, music sales and munchies sales will only go up. Plus dog sales

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