Does weed help your panic attacks?

Discussion in 'General' started by jml93, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. So ive been having panic attacks for a couple years now which actually lead me to smoking since it seemed to me bud helped keep my attacks at bay. Ive been smoking consistently for about a uear now but decided to go on a short couple day T-break. Well yesterday i got in a huge fight with somebody and had a full on attack. Trembling couldnt breath sweats ext.... (one of my worst attacks) a ambulance was actually called cause others thought i was having a heart attack. this is the first attack ive had in a year and it came after not smoking for a couple days. Just wanted to get anyones opinion who has attacks on wether or not smoking has helped or not?

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  2. I do believe that certain strains do help. Also Imo long term use, then stopping suddenly can actually cause panic attacks and mood swings.

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  3. I didnt know quiting after long use could cause them so thanks for the heads up on that!
  4. I think like with almost all things it depends on the individual person but a lot of strains are good for panic attacks. Purple Kush comes to mind.
  5. Yes absolutely! Marijuana has eliminated panic attacks completely for my wife. For her it is sativa's almost exclusively.

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