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Does weed help your ADD?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Jakee420, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Okay, so i have ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder) and when i smoke i can concentrate so much better. Compared to if i had ritalin or concerta. And when i go to work and then school, the last thing i wanna do is homework but if i smoke i can actually do it and study well.

    anyone else like this?
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  2. I know I have ADD but I've never taken medicine for it. Just dealt with it and done my best to absorb the important information. If that doesn't work, I read extra, talk to the teacher, etc.

    Personally, it depends what and how I smoke, but sometimes I am very engaged when the professor is speaking, even during the most boring lecture, and other times I will be entirely zoned out (probably depends what kind of high).

    In short, it's hard to tell what it is, but sometimes I am extremely focused (usually because the subject suddenly begins to interest me) and other times I am completely out of it.
  3. Certain strains will help for ADD, love jillybean
  4. Vaporizing helps me a lot, smoking not as much, since once I burn out, I'm a lost cause, smoking's probably worse than the meds i used to take, add wise, but side effect wise, much better, vaporizing takes the cake in both helping my add and side effects though.
  5. has anyone ever gotten a perscription to mmj for ADD?
  6. i did... I Have a ADHD and ADD(Im in cali btw)
  7. I found a half-hit of sativa out of a pipe every hour would help my ADHD-inattentive (ADD), anything more than that would just cause me to zone out and become super ADD and introspective, which is awesome when you don't have shit to do, lol

    I wouldn't get "high," just more interested in things I had little interest in.

    ADHD-I (ADD) is usually hurt by cannabis, while ADHD-H is usually helped by it.
  8. I find that it.....(what were we talkin about ?) :D
  9. Ch9 herijuana Jack 33 is god for ADHD :)

    Check em out, there's less than 10 strains vie used enough to know that they actually work.
  10. I will diffently check those out :D
  11. Grapefruit is another great sativa for ADHD. Basically, you want a pure sativa. The only problem with sativas is that high-THC content impairs the ability to learn new material, so if it's dank, keep it to a tiny hit every hour, trust me.
  12. Short-term, maybe. Long-term, no. Negative effects on memory outweigh enhancements in focus
  13. ^Agreed, this is why I don't use cannabis anymore, five weeks now and my brain has been sharper than it ever has been in five years.
  14. It's made me calmer, but my mind is still add
  15. I smoked with a friend who had ADD. I didn't even know until we ripped a bong. It was pretty weird, dude couldn't not stop moving.
  16. Strong Indica fix my hyperactivity and strong Sativa fix my ADD.
  17. has not helped or hurt mine. Keeping my sleep disorder under control helps more than any thing.
  18. I have ADD, and smoking small amounts every hour or so DOES help, but too much would just make me zome out and i wouldnt be able to do shit, I get kinda hyper and end up cleaning everything, which is good if there's a lot of mess, not so much when the house is clean and i start a "project" and start tearing things apart to build new shit. It was the same way when I was in school, if I was only a little high my grades would improve, but if I was too high I'd end up getting bored and just drawing all day.
  19. Definitely helps me.
  20. Sativas in general help stimulate or affect the mind. But if you're the "ADHD" type that's bouncing off walls physically instead of just within your mind, indicas might be the right choice. Since ADHD is as credible as an average medical marijuana recommendation is in CA, it should work quite well!

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