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Does weed help with your sober life?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChildInTime, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Hi people.
    I never smoked before, well actually 1 time but didn't feel anything for some reason.. So my question is, is it possible to get good effects and improvement in overall life when sober with using weed? I want to improve my sober life and would like to know if it's possible smoking will help me with that.
    I have moderate social anxiety, but I overcame quite a lot of that in the past years without any drug whatsoever. I am not trying to cure it with weed obviously.
    On a side note, when we get with friends, most of them are just drinking, and I feel like drinking really hinders my progress in the gym, as well as I hate having hangovers in the mornings. So think it probably worth trying to smoke few joints a week instead of drinking.

  2. Smoking weed > Drinking alcohol 
  3. It helps with work. My job is very heavy and stressful. So working hard under the sun all day makes me hate my life and commit Suicide and cut my wrists with potato chips. But going home on a tired day, nothing beats a nice bong hit ready to make everything okay :).

    Mary completes me :)
  4. Cannabis does help with my life.

    It helped me quit my addiction to prescription pills.
    Helps me sleep (insomnia) which in turn helps me get to work on time in the A.M.
    It gives me a healthier alternative to have fun and unwind.
  5. Well I hate alcohol and have no addiction to it, if that matters ^^
    Makes sense :)
    Well but maybe it helps only as long as you use it? What about you stop smoking and everything will be bad again aka you are addicted to it. I am just curious, don't take too seriously :)
  6. Balance is key. That along with responsibility, common sense, maturity and setting priorities to the forefront. 
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    [quote name="ChildInTime" post="18713102" timestamp="1379714708"]Well but maybe it helps only as long as you use it? What about you stop smoking and everything will be bad again aka you are addicted to it. I am just curious, don't take too seriously :)[/quote]Well I've been sober from my prescription pills for a long time now. Every time I had the urge to use again I would toke on some marijuana and my urge to use would be out the window. Now I never have the urge to use. I have taken multiple t breaks from marijuana since quitting the pills and never have relapsed.
    Wow.. I COMPLETELY misunderstood your post.  LOL    Sorry about that.   The link is still valid though.  It's a comprehensive thread with just about everything you can imagine.  
  9. Weed helps me unwind after a long day at work. Gives me a second wind.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.

  10. Thanks guys for your experience!
    Yeah link contains tons of good info :)
  11. Well, I just started smoking weed this year, and I must say, I feel much better than last year when I experienced yet another psychotic episode. No psychotic episodes this year. Yay. So if I do happen to go crazy this year, I can smoke myself to sleep and try again another day.

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