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Does weed help with your confidence?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FatDutchie, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. For me i think it helps me just not care about what other people think therefore making me more social. Ive been smoking weed for about a year and since starting smoking ive talked and gotten with alot more girls just because I dident care what they thought about me. I also had low self esteem but since smoking weed it has given me a new found confidence. So my question is to you gyes when you smoke weed do you feel more confident with the things you do?
  2. Well, I think that's an inherent quality when it comes to smoking bud. You become more social. I've had the same experiences since I started smoking almost 2 years ago. Life is so wonderful now. Hahaha
  3. depends. i could either be relaxed or i could over think things and that usually turns out worse
  4. Fuck no, deff potentiates anxiety. altho it can help too.. it leans much more to one side
  5. I think so for sure. Haters gon hate.
  6. Some times, but other times it makes me think so much, like about this person, that person. Other times I get so relaxed that idgaf. Depends on what bud i'm smokin.
  7. man when i am high i feel like no one can touch me and i dont give a fuck what anyone thinks especially when i am high and i got a fat sack in my pocket lol
  8. Nah it lets me chill out. alcohol is what gives me confidence but shit i guess i have it if being drunk gives me confidence. i just let that shit out when im drunk. but na being stoned to me is more like relief.
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    cosign- coughee
  10. this right here
  11. Lol no, only thing that makes me super confident is thizz. Weed just makes me more calmed and relax.
  12. Sorta. If you have some sort of epiphany while high, you might realize that life is short and nothing really matters, thus giving you the ability to talk to girls cause you no longer have a care in the world.
  13. Depends where I am if im out clubing or drinking a bit of weed helps to relax me and be more confident.
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    It really depends if you smoke it around people your not comfortable around with, it may make you feel anxious because you start to think about things and you drift from conversations like zoom out of the picture. But sometimes it can make you have the best time in the world if your with people you trust and feel normal around. Being confident in that case, weed CAN help i find because its relaxing
  15. Indica = it makes me more relaxed, and therefor not overthinking everything I just said, so I'm more calm & social.
    Sativa = it makes me give great idea's to talk about, so i'm never quiet. :D

    So both help me with my social life :smoke:
  16. for the most part yes.

    when i get really high i say some funny things and laugh and what not and be more chill and thats when girls think i am hot and what not

    its only when i get a bad buzz the answer would be no
  17. I get what he is saying. Sometimes I'll have a bit of anxiety like before a job interview or a female I really like. The bud will take that anxiety? NO PROBLEM!! So yes sir...weed does help in that area.
  18. No when I'm tryna get with bitches its all about the liquor

  19. Awww Yeeahh :) So true :rolleyes:
  20. definately i get way more happy and talk alot more

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