does weed help with depression?

Discussion in 'General' started by rhino31, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. I heard it does but Idk, cause it ain't helping me
  2. Temporarily: yes. In the long term: no.
  3. Sort of being high and depressed is better than being sober and depressed. But it doesn't fix whatever makes you depressed.
  4. You just gotta take the positive thoughts from the high and apply it to that situation that's makin' you depressed, even when you're sober.
  5. No it does not but everyone reacts to it differently so it could help some and really set others back in their depression.
  6. Depression is helped by creativity.
  7. It makes certain situations less depressing and clears the bad thoughts from your head, it won't help when your sober though unless you find the root of the problem.
  8. For me, it worsens. When I smoke, my anxiety intensifies and I start thinking I'm weird, everyone hates me, I'm socially inept, a laughingstock, a failure who must die.
  9. Yea man, I'm kinda thinking I'm a failure and I'm weird now
  10. Do you sit around and do nothing when you smoke? It's not going to help if everyday you think "I am depressed, going to go home and smoke weed" and then don't do anything else. So it can help, but not when you use it as a crutch.
  11. Well I haven't in 2 weeks and I don't smoke at home cause my dads always there
  12. What were your habits before 2 weeks ago?
  13. go see doctor.
  14. It helps with my anxiety but I don't smoke for that reason. I don't think its smart for people to use weed as a treatment to depression.
  15. the only thing that solves depression is yourself. prescription medication and weed is only temporary relief. however, sometimes people go through phases of depression just naturally
  16. You should try to figure out the root of your depression (a lot easier said than done, i know). It could be a chemical imbalance or it could be environmental. A lot of it depends on the symptoms of your depression.

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