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Does weed help headaches?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Scott40, May 5, 2009.

  1. am having one of the worst headaches and need to know
  2. most dank will
  3. lol when you burn out they do:smoking:

    ah tokin up cures everything:bongin:
  4. It's 50/50, take the chance if you want to, but some weed will amplify your headache (been there). Why not take an advil? It's like 1 dollar at the gas station.
  5. ya just smoke a bunch of stems n seeds
  6. problem taking pills i know sad but ehhh
  7. find some where calm and quiet to smoke a j or a b or take a bong rip. yeah the weed helps but it works best if you can do it in a low stress place. and get some fresh air too
  9. Yeah, it seems sometimes it works wonder, and other times it aggravates it. Not sure why, possibly something to do with the strain and/or how well it's been cured.
  10. Most of the time it works, but it never works for a fever related headache in my experience.
  11. couldnt agree more with L Rag, its a risky choice. alot of times weed will help my headache, but alot of times it makes it 5 times worse. your choice.
  12. I was having this discussion with someone the other day.

    In my experiences, it never helped my headaches, only made them worse.

    Better yet, try harshing out with a migraine.
  13. In my experience, While your high the headache will go away, when your burnt out it will come back, usually a tad worse.
  14. yea always comes back worse with burnout
  15. Weed is the best cure for hangover headache :D
  16. There's a chemical (or somethin' or whatnot) in weed that produces the same effects as taking an ibuprofen, asprin, advil, etc.

    Which is why you can request the use of medical marijuana with "migraine problems." :p
  17. as bob marley said "marijuanna cures all", yes i know i just replied to a 2 year old thread
  18. take a hit of some heavy dank indic and it'll be gone when your finished your sesh:hello:


    Didn't notice that lol

    Well... if you still have a headache ;) - then you know what to do :)

  19. Not HIV

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