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does weed get old?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chief Skii, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I have some of the best weed that I've had in a long time an I only smoke on the weekends so i stay focused on school an I dont have job currently so im extremely short on cash, I still have some weed I got 2 weeks ago is it still or nearly as good as when I bought it?
  2. if it was kept in an airtite container
    it should be good but i would check it under a magnifying glass for mold
  3. if you have kept it out of sunlight (makes it dry?) and extreme temperatures i think it should be good. Also make sure it was in case with a seal, like a zip lock bag with no air in it, medicine bottle, etc etc. 2 weeks should be fine, some people buy their weed in ounces at a time and that is most likely lasting for more then 2 weeks
  4. i believe the sunlight degrades the thc in the bud or something to that effect
  5. Another interesting fact... I have heard keeping it in a airtight container actually increases potency
  6. I don't personally know, but a friend of mine (who smokes a lot) said that she's kept some for almost 2 months and it was still fine. I don't know if its at 100% after that I would just keep it airtight.
  7. yeah I rolled the baggy super tight to get the air out an put that into an "herbs an spices" bottle an its under my bed in a box, so that should be good?
  8. yeah that's it :)
  9. 2 months and still dank huh? I believe it, but i personally wouldnt do it. I have heard from a friend like, DEEP CLEANING his room and finding a stash from like a year ago and smoking it, and still getting pretty blazed off of it.

    I try to only buy what i can smoke in 2-3 weeks, keep it fresh but gives me enough time so its not a pain in the ass to buy new stuff every two or three times i want to smoke. yehh

  10. When I buy bud, it takes me about 3 months to smoke it all. And it is perfectly fine at the end of the 3 months. Just dry. Don't worry.
  11. it should be good for 2 years+ as long as its sealed in a air tight environment

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