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Does weed actually stop brain development?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by assymcgee420, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. stops around your 20s. Alcohol is known to end brain development early for young adults, but thats about it. There has been no correlation between marijuana and brain development.

    Source: Myths and Facts About Marijuana
  2. who ever told you that, smack em in the head.

    haha i'm jk. no it doesn't
  3. Truthfully i remember seeing some show on how weed acctually stimulates brain cell regeneration. So instead of making your brain less funtional, it helps to fix it.
  4. I've heard when u smoke weed it slows down the development of your brain
  5. Marijuana does NOT stop brain development, it also does NOT kill brain cells.
    Spread the word :hello:

  6. Someone lied to you

  7. naw its true proven my scientific research, I'm not saying it stop it, it still developments but its just takes a longer period of time than normal
  8. The same scientific research that said pot makes you jump out windows and kill people?

  9. haha exactly what i was thinking
  10. iv heard that to. but killing braincells had something to do with a gasmask on a monkey and it suffocating haha

  11. [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  12. Ive heard ive heard ive heard. Well, half these people cant spell, and the other half made up what they said on the spot. Weed can effect brain developement if your in puberty, so if your over the age of 20 then your fine. I started when I was 16 and I havent noticed any negative effects.

  13. read this thread than tell me what u think afterwards, it's pretty interesting.

  14. Oh! By Scientific Research. Well what was the name of the research. Probably a cousin of the Heath/Tulane Study. I love when people say stuff and dont back it up. Sources plz
  15. Well, your question is very basic and not specified with certain regions of the brain. Like others have said, the first answer I would give is "no" THC does not stop brain development. However, like any other drug, THC does affect numerous regions of the brain while one is high. Specifically, neurons in the hippocampus are targeted when THC enters the brain. This is why memory is affected when one smokes. Therefore, it temporarily affects this region of the brain and negatively impacts its process. As far as long term, it has not been scientifically proven to reduce the effectiveness of the hippocampus and other regions of the brain targeted by THC. Having said this, THC can affect individual's brains who are already pre-disposed to certain implications. If someone did have a predisposition though, they should not be participating in any drug use in the first place, legal or illegal.
  16. I don't think conclusions can be made against weed re: brain development as a whole. However, it depends on how it is used. Any drug used daily tends to alter one's ability to feel emotions and develop emotional maturity as a learned part of the self. The common language in substance abuse work is that a person's emotional development stops at the time they begin to abuse (read: use habitually daily) a substance. So we see 30+ yr old dudes acting like teenagers because their emotional development stopped long ago. Most people experience emotions differently and develop new ways of processing and responding to them as they age. But substance abusers TEND to keep emotions in predictable, narrow bands of experience with their drug of choice. This limits expansion of emotion regulation.
  17. from personal experience, the only thing that happened is that you will think slower and also

    your memory is out the door..
  18. then you should also know that after a long break, its back right?
  19. and that is true also

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