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does walmart drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by repsaj, May 19, 2009.

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    hey i live in upstate New York and i was wondering if walmart does any kind of drug test i heard that they do but when i filled out the application there was nothing on it talking about having to take one.

    is there any way to help flush your system i always hear about people talking about cranberry juice or some other stuff but i don't know if it works

  2. I know for a fact target does since i had to take one for them...so i would assume a drug test for walmart is very likely.
  3. yes, I have had a couple friends work there and they got drug tested....I worked at target too and i got tested there aswell
  4. what do they test for exactly?
  5. I worked at a Walmart in MA and I can tell you my experience.

    On my first interview, i was interviewed.
    On my second interview, I was told that I had the job as long as i passed a background check and a drug test. I had 24 hours to go to the clinic they told me to take the drug test and if I failed, I could not be considered for hiring for 1 year.

    And also, if you have an accident there, they take you immediately to the clinic to be drug tested.

    Sorry bro.
  6. Sometimes they say it but they nevver do because it is expensive. Kind of to scare you and see if they get a response somtimes, but other times they are serious. Walmart is rich though so they probably test imo:rolleyes::eek:
  7. Lol THC of course... Coke and meth. Are a meth head or some shit? lol
  8. Working for walmart sucks

  9. this is usually how it goes down. time to get your detox game up or time to find a better job....walmart sucks ass anyways.
  10. When you can work somewhere else, yeah.

    I started there when I was 16 and a half (just got my license) and when I was fired at 18, I was making $10/hour, got 10% off all walmart stuff, full health and dental as a senior in high school.

    I loved it. I would hate it as I am older now though.
  11. Does Wal-Mart drug test...is the Pope Catholic?

    This doesn't belong in Seasoned Tokers.
  12. just get a job at a resteraunt, you will never have to worry about drug tests, and hell if you get the right job, you may be blazing with the manager!
  13. lol why would u wanna work at walmart
  14. Yes they do. Before you get hired on they send you to get drug tested. After that, you're fine. I know because I used to work there.
  15. Unless you have to write up an accident report. if so, a manager will literally drive you to the clinic to pee in a cup.
  16. Yeah they do man. I used to work there also. Everyone saying walmart sucks it isen't bad at all. They don't pay bad at all for a store, and you get benefits. With the economy right now thats awesome. Now I wish I didn't quit before my 2 weeks were over because I can never get a job there again lol
  17. I work for walmart and recently I took a look at the policy on drug testing because I was thinking about taking a promotion. They don't have to drug and from what i hear from our new associates and some friends who were promoted we haven't been testing even though we have signs ever where saying don't waste our time or yours applying if you use illegal drugs. As far as accidents that only if its something that is likely to lead to a workman's comp claim. Store managers like to cut corners everywhere they can. Also FYI walmart really isn't evil its actually a pretty decent place to work if you don't get stuck in a department full of old people. Also the pay is sweet and if you get into a good store you can get really good bonuses now. I'm part time and i got about 1600 bucks in bonuses last year.
  18. I worked there for 6 months when Christmas time came around, and I got a $400 bonus.

    I worked 20 hours a week for a meer 6 months and got a x-mas bonus.

    I was SOUPT.
  19. yea i'm prob going to apply there. nowhere else to go.

    i always hated the place, i know a lot of ppl that lost jobs at local biz because walmart came to town. my friends dad used to own a eye care place, but had to close when walmart opened there eye care center.
  20. I'm not trying to start a flame war but walmart didn't make those people lose their jobs the people in your town did. No one forced them to shop at walmart they could have kept going to your friends dad's eyecare place. If it was a small local thing I'm surprised one of those franchised eye care places didn't put him out. Theres on of those down the street from my walmart and they've actually expanded since walmart opened. Plus the employees at small business make minuim wage and not much more.

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