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Does Visine work for DT's?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by scripter111, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Does visine work to pass a drug test. I heard a few drops in the sample will make it produce negative for THC. I'm not worried about good tests, just those $10 home ones. I searched for it but i'm getting mixed results. Has anybody tried this and it works?
  2. I have never heard of that.

    I have heard that with simple home DTs you can use a couple drops of bleach, but I wouldn't know... I'v never taken a single DT in my life (aren't I lucky, eh?)
  3. It doesn't come up negitive, suposibly it comes up as a fause positive, and they will make you take it over again if it reads that. And bleach doesn't work for a drug test. I tryed it.
  4. like i said, this isn't a lab or rehab or court test. This is a home, piece of shit, ten dollar test.
  5. i doubt it would work
  6. A guy I work with said when his parents used to drugtest him he would pass with eye-drops but I wouldn't know never used them before

    Although yesterday I was able to pass a test with bleach

    I used a very small amount of piss just enough in the bottom of a dixie cup then put like 7 drops of bleach in and it did work

    give it a go if ya want besides bleach is cheap if you don't have somealready
  7. I just popped like 7 niacin the mourning of my drug test and drank a lot of water throughout the day. Passed the govt forced drug test after smokin the whole week and 6 blunts the night before, is that even humanly?
  8. Thats humanly I guess, humans do dumb shit. Smoking 6 blunts before a govt drugtest is pretty stupid. Taking 7 niacins is pretty dumb too. I really dont believe you passed, unless it was for like probation and it was a home test. A lab test would notice that easily. For one you would be diluting and second the lab would detect shitloads of niacinamide in your system. If it worked for you cool, but dont NOBODY follow this method.

    Seriously everyone needs to stop playing with the bullshit and go to a headshop and get some damn detox drinks, follow the directions - its really not that hard. If you cant afford the $60 for the drink your dumb#$* shouldn't have been smoking pot the whole time.
  9. thats exactly what you're not supposed to do. you dont want to be flushing the toxins out while you're doing the test. you got lucky.
  10. highly doudt that will work.. id just get some clean piss from a buddy at school and put it in a bag or a vile, mayb even a simple seringe(sp?) thats used for bayb to take medicine idk tho best of luck on ur test tho..

    and like others said def dont try poppin niacin the morning of and just drink alot of water
    just sounds like a stupid idea to me but thats my opinion
  11. people put bleach in visine bottles for piss tests. maybe thats what youre thinkin of
  12. yeah it might have been the bleach.
  13. theres a long scientific thing about visine in tests on erowid, maybe ill look for the link later, but you can probably find it. it did show how the test levels differed based on how much you put it. you could nearly cut the results in half to get it below the threshold for testing positive. it also showed that if you put it TOO much instead of the right amount, the results start getting closer to the true result.

    edit: ok not as long as i remembered, but here you go. http://www.erowid.org/psychoactives/testing/testing_info11.shtml

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