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Does Visine ruin your high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tokehoj, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. For me I personally think that visine ruins my high, big time. I only use it when I absolutely have to to avoid getting caught. Although it does save me :). The reason it ruins my high is because I just blazed like 2 fat bowls out of my Sherlock pipe, stumbled inside baked as fuck, andy eyes got the reddest I've
    Ever seen them, looked soo stoned and I can always tell because I get a super baked feeling in my eyes(idk I'm cooked) but you know what I mean? Super low eyes. Anyways visine ruins that stoned feeling for me, fuckit. I still get a head high tho
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    I've heard multiple people tell me that eye drops ruin their high. I don't get it. I put in eye drops all the time while high. Only result I get is being extremely stoned with some pearly white eyes, not more sober at all. I sorta feel like superman when I use eye drops. It's like I walk into the telephone booth looking like a stoned mess, then when I come out I got my cape on, clear eyes and everyone forgets who I really am...a stoned mess hahaha
  3. that never has happened to me usually i like putting in the eyedrops because it cools down my eyes, makes them less dry, and relaxes me because it lowers my chances of getting caught.
  4. Yeah but I absolutely love the feeling of pure red *****ed eyes. visine like, takes away an essential piece to my high.
  5. just put them in before blazing then
  6. Put em in before you smoke and they don't get red. (for me at least) But yeah sometimes I kinda feel like you OP, don't know why though.
  7. nope. just makes my eyes feel great
  8. I always put eye drops in before I get high, so in that case I don't look like a suspicious looney toon.
  9. I noticed that any eye drops kill my high and that my best highs are when I don't put on any eye drops before or after toking.
    "Reality is best experienced through red eyes.". - ?
  10. i made this post just to get a like from the legend I roll Fatties.
  11. Put it in before my friends believe in this "myth" soo I made my own myth up and trust me it works haha.

    Fattie don't like please only on good post please lol made me feel good for no reason what about a rep?
  12. The only I get is its kinda bitch to put eyedrops in so that kind of takes away from my high but doesnt kill it.
  13. Yeah it does clear up the feeling in your eyes, I think the more you do it and less you think about it though the more you don't really care. Especially if you have more weed to get high off of later I could care less about it lol. But yeah once I'm in a situation I won't need visine I don't see any reason to use it, no need to introduce more things to my body than what's necessary. Although I never heard of any bad experiences with visine, still never know the possible effects of overusing something as a daily thing. I also wear contacts so I take them in and out of my eye everyday so the drops don't bother me at all
  14. shit dude eye drops are the shit especially rhotos too bad i wear contacts so i dont even bother using them
  15. If your definition of feeling stoned is having burning eyes, then yes visine with ruin your "high". But you're doing it wrong, bro.

    I don't use any eye drops because I can't keep my eye open while the drop is falling. It gets messy and unproductive.

    But the part of being high I like, is not eye discomfort :p
  16. wtf lol visine could not kill your buzz dumbest thimg i ever heard
  17. Myth but i believe it, rhotos kill my high
  18. Visine in no way, shape or form ruins or "kills" my high. I'm not going to feel less high from putting drops in my eye lol:smoke: The only thing that really lowers the experience is eating excessively.
  19. Never had to use it, who cares if my eyes are red.

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