Does vaporizing tetrahyracannabinoid into the lungs cause cleansation of the lungs?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Sometimes I'm too high (always, but really never) and I think that I remember reading it somewhere. :smoking:
  2. Did you feel like a scientist writing the title? I'd say It helps loosen flem and whatnot.
  3. maybe

    i'm not sure


  4. Just say cannabis, weed, bud or something man. The title actually would have been fine if you just completely cut out "thc into the lungs" lol.
  5. ...What exactly is "cleansation"?
  6. it might, but vapes suck!

    Sorry OP I'm old school smoking zigzag no0327's
  7. Your cells are communicating with my cells on a piece of metal and plastic.

  8. It's not a word man..but he means the cleansing of. xD

    To answer OP's question. > Inhaling anything into your lungs is bad for you, take an advanced health class..

    I hate when people try to justify their habit as healthy or something, i understand you're passionate about it, but don't start making up stupid shit that other stupid people will believe :p

    I'm a huge pot head, but can't stand when people make outrageously stupid claims.
  9. op is seriously always high as phuck lol i love your posts bro
  10. Nice bushism

  11. Sorry, I'm special. Cleansing shall replace that non existent word. I'm so high I didn't know. :smoking:
  12. Replace that non existent word with cleansing.

    I laughed out loud when you referenced advanced health class. LOLOLOLOL If you meant high school, that is. so ^:smoking:
  13. Smoking anything will not cleanse your lungs. Also, your statement "im high always, but really never" does contradicts itself.
  14. You have to imagine two realities:

    Reality a.) Sometimes I am too high because it affects me negatively when I do get too high.

    Reality b.) I'm never too high because I also love being high as phuck!

    These are two realities that I deal with, buddy.
  15. The quote is "Sometimes I'm too high (always, but really never)"

    meaning, he is always too high, but he doesn't think that he is high enough

    it makes sense you just left out the "too" of "too high" so it was misunderstood.

    Vaping is tasty.

  16. I did mean highschool. xD

    It's basic enough to learn that what i said was true!
  17. There are some stupid questions in this community lol.

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