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Does Vaping leave a smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by derpyhooves, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. So Im probably gonna get my first vaporizer tomorrow, just a little battery powered on that kind of looks like an e-cigarette. I wanted to know how much of a smell vaporizing created? The real e-cigs I buy I can smoke in the house because they dont leave a smell. They vaporize nicotine, water and flavorings.
  2. It smells like burnt popcorn and it's not powerful. Lots of people don't notice it. :D
  3. burnt popcorn thats bout it.
  4. It doesn't smell like weed, and the residual smell disperses very quickly.
    Keep the unit clean though.
  5. Nope no smell at all
  6. no smell at al is a lie haha
    of course there is a smell; but its very mild and goes away in like 30 minutes
    I think it smells like a mix of weed and burnt somethingness, but heavier on the burnt. If somebody knows what weed smells like really well and they walk in a room right after its been vaped in they will probably notice it; but give em 30 mins or an hour and itll smell like nothing happened
  7. Someone recently posted an observation that this question in various forms is asked daily. I think its now or in the near future going to be asked multiple times daily

  8. Who said I was lying? Like u said its a mild smell but it goes away quickly
  9. I can back that, you answered the actual question as it was stated.
    Leave a smell
    Have a smell
  10. Used to box my room with my vape. Depending on the temp I never notice it smell anything more then odd popcorn. But If vape at a higher temp it could alter the smell and lingering time.
  11. Yes it does smell depending on the vape your using .its no were strong like smoking is .
  12. With my vape at least it's a really light smell of weed, near on undetectable, then burnt popcorn. All tends to dissipate within a half hour though.
  13. They definitely smell.

    Maybe YOU can't smell your vap or it smells like burnt popcorn to YOU but be assured a non-smoker will smell the weed.
  14. Mine smells, BIG TIME. (easy-vape, a desktop one)

    Make sure, even if you use a vaporizer, you still blow out through a window, with a fan, and keep fresh air circulating, and use spray.

    Using a desktop vaporizer will not save you from stealthiness, I regret buying mine, it's just too much work, I prefer going outside, hitting a bowl or 1 hitter, and being done, no smell. If you have the cash, drop for a nice ($200) portable vape.

    But as for your portable e-cig one, please post back and let me know if it does smell, I might invest ;)

  15. who said? i said you were lying, because you were haha

    you said flat out that there is no smell at all. that sir, is a lie lol

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