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does Vaping damage your lungs?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by moorglade, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. I know its better than smoking, less toxins, etc..but is Vaping still not great for your lungs? any carcinagens in vapor?
  2. it really depends what temp you vape at... you can vape as low as 320F i believe, but i keep my digi volcano at 420F as most terpanoids dont vape until they've reached 406F
    Wiki has a great article one Vapes
  3. I own several vapes, one of which when i turn up to 400 burns the weed.

    Probably just a shitty vape. it was like a hundred bucks.

    <3 my silver surfer, buddha, and my latest magic flight box though =):hello:
  4. Healthiest way to ingest marijuana. All you inhale is THC and water vapor

  5. besides edibles. i love my vape though
  6. Anyone know what temp the mflb vapes at? Is it a good temperature? i have one, but i don´t know the temp specifics :) Sorry for beeing a noob. :wave:
  7. Hi, I have three =)

    Im not quite sure exactly what the temp is, but judging by my other vapes id say its about a good 320-350 degrees(on a good hit).

    It depends how you hit it though, if you leave it sitting for a while with the batteries in, it can burn the weed inside. Overall it should range from 300-400, but thats just an estimate. =\
  8. Thanks for the info :)

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