Does true love exist?

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  1. No one's going to separate you from such beliefs but you. So I hope your self-love is true, because in the end it will ONLY matter to you.
  2. I hope the same :)
  3. :rolleyes:

    Okay, lets see how much I can do tonight...I doubt I'll really explain it, and I'm willing to discuss this more if anyone's willing. Its just so much, but yet--at the same time--its really just one thing that doesn't lend itself to words...

    The intention is just that, an intention. An intention to love and spread love to others, and fill them completely. To create a creature, and to fill that creature with love. One could say that it is the very "thought" of "God" that was the "cause" of the universe.

    It took me forever to write that little bit. I would say that to convey my message, is more of a "journey" undertaken than a paragraph.
    Its almost like theres something stopping me from writing any more...

  4. Doesn't matter... our premises aren't the same. :p Stick with yours.
  5. Having a child erases all doubt that true love exists.
  6. If true love means finding a true soul mate then no I do not believe it exists. Love comes and goes and no matter how hard it seems you can always find someone else to love.

  7. Yeah, it would certainly be hard to give it all to the one you're with with that demoralizing perspective. Don't you think you've perfectly embodied a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  8. I think it does.
    And I really couldn't care less what anybody says against it.
    I was in a relationship for 7 months - hardly any time, I know. After maybe, 4 or 5 months, I was madly in love with her. We broke up after 7 months, then were in and out of a relationship for three years. Now we're just good mates. And... I don't know what's gonna happen, but I'm still in love with her. And even if we don't end up together, I'll always love her. there's nothing that she can do that could make me think otherwise.
    I think what true love is, is unconditional love. i.e the line above this one.
  9. Talk about having something in common! Your story sound pretty similar to mine.

  10. But your perspectives appear to vary. Why?
  11. Honestly, I can't focus because the way you write freaks me out! :eek:

  12. I think a lot of us have a story similar to that one in common, am i wrong? I can never decide on whether the one's who do have that in common are lucky to have had the experience, or doomed in a sense.

  13. Now this is an interesting thought that just bubbled up here...
  14. really? wanna explain your one man?

    maybe because my girl is the most amazing girl i've ever met or dreamed of meeting? I dunno.

    Lucky, without a doubt. I would be a completely different person if I hadn't met her. A worse person, I don't hesitate to say...she's taught me so much. not like, taught me directly...but i've learnt so much from it.

    i think the saying is..
    'better to have loved and have lost, than to never have loved at all'
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    Yeah basically it was like this. I met this girl when I was 16. Then we were friends for a year or so, then I found out she liked me or whatever then we started dating. Well 4 or 5 months into that, I felt like I wasn't a very good boyfriend, which I know realize is selfish, and I broke up with her. We ended up getting back together on and off for a few more months, then it stopped. Now 18, recently A month ago, she told me she still loved me and always would. The thing is I feel the same way about her, but right now I have a girlfriend who I've been with for a little over a year now.

    - Its hard because I know the first girlfriend in the list here still loves me, and I love her, but then I've got second girlfriend who I know loves me and we would both be pretty upset if we were to break up. Its a real pickle because I think about girlfriend number one a lot?

    Whoofta didn't mean to shit out my life there haha. Not trying to be a whiny bitch either, just explaining what was asked.

    edit: I know I'm young, shhh.

  16. That's what i say to myself too...and i guess you can say that about anything ; everything that has happened to us prior to this moment has constructed us into what we are today. I agree with that, but i just can't help but think that the whole experience could have been substituted with another one which in turn would have made a better future...or maybe a worse one? Or just different...better or worse. You just wonder, you know?
  17. Hmm... interesting how this comes from me asking if true love exists back at the beginning... Now that makes me wonder where the origins of my question are...

    Well, I think you should find out if your current girlfriend truly loves you and if you truly love her. How can you truly love two people without two hearts to spare?
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    Well, love is a word with very, very hazy definition that is impossible to evaluate. One usually cannot even tell what the world "love" means in common consensus, let alone find out whether it exists.

    To me "love" is not the usual use of the world love. It is not something you feel for another person. It is something you feel around them and then just by knowing that they exist - or even just that they existed. There can be attraction, but that is not the basis of it. You don't feel the need to possess it, it is not yours for the possessing. It is like a breeze - it comes and goes of its own accord, and it possess you, not you it. If the other person vanishes forever, the love doesnt. If the person stays, the love doesnt grow nor diminish - it has no gradient, it just is.

    It is an experience that stems directly from unconditioned awareness, not from thoughts. Love has nothing to do with the appreciation of attributes or qualities, it is an inexplicable, uncontrollable that possesses you, and you cant do a damned thing about it. It cannot lead to pain, ever, in any way.

    That is my love, and most peoples "love" does not count as this, just as another human exchange of intimacy that mutually suits the identities best., and stems from appreciation for the way it/he/she makes you feel, not appreciation for it itself. Given that "love" is supposed to be a magic beyond words and rationale and beyond normal human relationships, almost all relationships, even if they claim there is "love", are an extreme version of the mutual integration of identities into each others lives that suits each identity the best they could find. It is based on rules, expectations, and is based on the way the other person makes you feel, not pure unconditioned appreciation for the person itself. As it is just an extension of normal human friendship and give-take identity stroking, to me it does not qualify as something "magical", even though hormones and emotions might make one feel like this is "magical and more than anything else ever". Note how every time people "fall in love", they say they could never feel that way about someone else, yet most people fall in love various times again and say the same thing. Simply a lack of full awareness of the root of the feeling.

    Love is not an emotion to me, it is a more existential feeling that is unaffected by emotion.
  19. Haha I'm 18 too bro, just recently turned 18 as well.
    I thought in another thread, after your hotbox bong hits, you just said you didn't love your girlfriend?
    It's a tricky situation aye. My advice, don't do anything yet, until you're completely sure. You don't wanna make a decision only to find out a few months later it was the wrong one. So yeah. hang in there man.

    Yeah that's a really interesting thought.
    It's life I guess though, aye? Everything effects you in some way, subtle or obvious. You just gotta go with what you got

  20. True love is interpenetration.

    In my humble opinion.

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