Does true love exist?

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  1. If so, what does it consist of? If not, what makes you say or believe this?

    I was going to make it a poll, but we all know the statistics don't really matter, people's words do. :)
  2. You're just full of awesome tonight. With true love, I don't think it does exist, but maybe that just means I haven't experienced it yet. :confused:

  3. That was me before I believed I was in it. But other people's thoughts first, and then I'll share.
  4. I've said this before, but...

    True Love exists.

    In fact, I would go so far as to say that Love is the only thing that actually exists. Love is the very intention that is the core of existence itself.

    And I say this because this is what I feel. Not what I've reasoned, nor what I've read, but what I truly feel at the core of life (and everything else) itself. I don't think I can put into words what I exactly mean, but at least I tried. (right bka?) :p
  5. Yeah.. I think it does exist, if you love someone, and that feeling exists. then that's true love. Just because it doesn't last doesn't mean its not true love.
  6. True love and my remote to my tv have alot in common right now....
    I cant find it for shit.....
  7. i just met a chick about 3 weeks ago and from the first second i knew we were gonna end up together. we can just lay in each others arms for hours not saying a word and it seems like that was the only right thing to do. im pretty sure i truly love her cause it hasnt been forced at all and we just click. lets hope she feels the same cause i just fell hard for this girl.

  8. Makes sense to me... Now, if only I knew what intention came from I'd be farther than where I started heh... :)

    Playing hard to get, eh? :D
  9. True love does exist for some people.

    For me, true love exists between me and my family - my mom and dad.

    I don't think I'm ever going to let myself love someone to the point where their wants and needs come before mine; to the point where I care about them more than myself (which is what I consider "true love" to be).. At least not any time in the distant future. It may sound selfish, but I have my reasons.
  10. I like your post the most so far!
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    Nah, I just haven't had that much luck with love..

    Girls come and go but family will be there forever (hopefully).
  12. What do you mean by that?

    Are you asking where the intention itself came from?
    What "system" the idea of the intention comes from?
    What I mean by intention?
    Or something else?

  13. Consider all those questions.
    Now consider them asked.

    What did it change? ;)

  14. It is perfectly reasonable to have a hard time loving (and trusting) people as much as you do your parents--the people that took care of you before you knew how to take care of yourself. I think if your "true love" achieved a certain level of trust (at least that is what it is for me), that you would be able to open up to the idea of having them come before you, right? Let's not forget about offspring as well.
  15. I would say yes. There was a girl a long time ago, the only girl I REALLY thought I loved, and I have never stopped thinking about her. I lost her due to some stupid mistakes and a lot of stubborness (on both our parts), and its been one of the only things I regret.

    Its out there, just very, very hard to find.
  16. Isn't love true in itself?
  17. true love doesn't exist

    altruism and ignorance do exist though
  18. Budwisesir:

    True love is true love. No denying that.

    We could argue all day though about it when you put it how you did.
  19. Well I believe all love is true and pure. Meaning there is no true love because all love is true.

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