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Does toys r us drug test during the hiring process?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by evrock, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. So there's a pretty good chance I will be getting a call from toys r us to work, atleast seasonally sometime soon(will probably be hell, but its money). I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about if they drug test or not. Any info will help. thanks.
  2. Probably will since they are a rich corp and you will be around kids and such.
  3. I'm pretty sure they do... just considering the kids and stuff
  4. I think they do. But I know Mcdonalds doesn't.
  5. This made me laugh so hard but yes.
  6. I would assume that they don't want drugged out hippies around children.
  7. yup. most retail does.
  8. Everyone drug tests nowadays, Its a shame but its the truth.

    My highschool even started drug testing this year, isnt that fucked up??

    All drivers, Sports people, band, chorus, pretty much anything involving the school and your getting tested.

    This is how America will be in 5 years, Its gonna be a buncha booty bullshit
  9. Yup and its the stoners that have it the worst man fucking cokeheads can stay clean for 3 days and pass a drug test.
  10. You're job is about to be so much more fun if you get it and go in high as a kite. I'm not sure about the DT but annoying ass little brats will be SOOOO much funnier :p
  11. I went to an interview baked as fuck

    I didnt get a call back..
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    I worked there for a season job two years ago, they didn't test me, but I wasn't even smoking at the time anyways. Started above minimum wage and always extended my hours, always asked me to stay til 8 hours or longer, as long as you can deal with kids and their parents who don't mind them tearing up your aisle you spend 45 minutes straightening up, it's the job for you.

    EDIT: Keep in mind I live in a state where possession is barely an infraction, it may differ from area to area
  13. Yea im in mass. only a $100 fine for possession so i guess its similar.
  14. I'm pretty sure they do pretty much every brand name cooperation does.
  15. I bet they do drug tests. It is a store strictly for kids so kids will be in there often. I imagine they wouldn't want anyone stoned working while kids are around.
  16. There's no way they test. Look at that fuckin giraffe :D
  17. i'm hoping they don't test i got get money. i'm in the same situation bro
  18. I worked there two years ago. No drug test.
  19. Depends where you live bro, I live in New Zealand and hardly anyone drug tests here.

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