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Does Tobacco Mixed With Weed Get You Higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kreamykush, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Whats your say on weed mixed with tobacco. Taste? Higher?

    In my eyes it burns slower, goes down easier and gets you more high cus of the head rush.

    wat u guys think? Does weed + tobbaco get you higher?
  2. i think it makes you feel higher, but it's more carbon monoxide/god knows what else in there.

    don't get me wrong i smoke cigs, and personally i think rolling a j with a very small layer of tobacco brings out a lot of flavor in the bud.
  3. I agree with this ^

    I always mix tobacco with my weed. But i'm European. So that's where this thread will most likely divide.
  4. Well don't know if it technically makes you higher, but it will make more of less. You can make a spliff with 0,5 green and 0,7 tobacco and you will get as high or even more than if you rolled a straight 1 gram green spliff. That's my experience, but perhaps somewhat biased since i always smoke my weed/hash with tobacco.
  5. Yea the head rush is nice, and since I don't smoke cigs the tobacco affects me everytime!

    Also a little bit of tobacco helps the whole thing burn a lot smoother, and imo the roll is easier too.

  6. Of course not technically. There is no THC in tobacco guys come on...
  7. No but there is Nicotine, and that alone can fuck you up - even kill you. So forget the THC for a minute - we're talking "fags" :D
  8. :laughing: Dam right man :D

    But no, smoking with tobacco does lengthen the time of smoking, soooo...
  9. The nicotine buzz definitely seems to boost my high, but as it wears off, it always seems to bring my high down a bit, too.

    There's nothing like burnin' a square right after blazing.

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