Does Tinfoil Really Burn Your Leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Plantsr, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Ars, jimmyoz is still correct, we use foil when cooking to keep the heat in -- not keep the heat in the foil but in the food that is wrapped in foil, which it does by reflecting the heat.

    It is true that aluminum foil itself doesn't retain heat, notice how when something is wrapped in foil how quickly the foil itself cools to the touch when you take it out of the oven, even when the food inside is still piping hot. Makes sense, nothing can both reflect heat well and retain it, those are opposite properties.
  2. Tin Foil Has its good uses, and its annoying to see that know one even recognizes them.

    Mylar is the best reflector, next to a bare white surface, but neither of those can top tinfoil during the last 3-4 weeks of flowering. Tin foil helps lower humidity which causes your plants to produce more resin. It's 'hard' to get the humidity above 45 when your using tin foil. 32 humidity during the last 4 weeks of flowering will increase resin tenfold =P
  3. lol have you ever had a hot meal outta aluminum foil? don't think so they always use plastic then paper then the container and last but not least the foil your food was dished up into

    aluminum is the same shit used in many heatsinks from pc to transformer it loves transfering heat and if you crinkle it enough you'll get it

    only way you're food would stay warm is if you made a packet out of the foil that only touched the lower portion of the contents and even then it would lose heat like all hell

    I'd personally avoid all the foil since it can conduct and hps loves the juice... put the two togetehr and you got a popped breaker if you're lucky a burned down home if you're not and some cuffs waiting for ya when the firefighters report what caused it
  4. well iguess its kind of hard to decide with all the different responses. haha, itsokay guys we all like our own ways. but im going to stay with the flat white, check out my posting under New Member New to Growing. updated pics will follow.
  5. Im telling ya man, last 3-4 weeks of flowering, switch to foil as long as you arent using hps. It helps heaps.

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