Does Tinfoil Really Burn Your Leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Plantsr, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. i've read in many websites and mags in doing my research on how to grow, that using tinfoil actually reflects too much light and will actually burn your leaves or put holes in them. is this true? anyone experience this? my walls are flat white, would this be better?
  2. Why are you questioning the collective wisdom you've gleaned from your research?

    Aluminum foil can be bad for plants, yes. The problem is not that it reflects too much light, it reflects less light than you would think but also reflects heat very well -- too well for our purposes. That is what can burn your plants. And in spite of what some think, the reflective properties of the two different sides of aluminum foil are essentially the same.

    Flat white is the 2nd-best surface you can have, mylar being the best.
  3. the burning holes thing is because if you don't keep the tinfoil completely uncrumpled and straight then it will focus the light on certain parts instead of evenly reflecting
  4. if you use tinfoil your meant to use the dull side but its best to stay away from it really :D
  5. Tinfoil can burn your plants, and quickly heat up your growbox to a point in which your plants will die. Think about it, why do people wrap food up in foil? To keep the heat in. Simple white paint will reflect the light, or you could purchase a small roll of Mylar and get better results and not having to worry about burning your plants.

    If you do stick with tin foil, like Blaze said, use the dull side and make sure the foil isn't all rippy rappy and you have plenty of air circulation.

    Good luck!
  6. thanks for the input, i dont have tinfoil i have flat white. i jsut was wondering if i should use tinfoil or not, my lights dont get very hot they are meant to put out more lumens then heat so maybe tinfoil would be good
  7. Even if you take heat out of the conversation for a moment, a bright flat white surface still reflects more light than aluminum foil does.
  8. ok thanks man im going to keep it with the white walls, i actually have a mirror behind my op as well, good or bad? thanks for the info though its my first time im growing one fem that turned out so i want to experiment and then start something a little bigger
  9. foil worked alright for flourecents +ventillation
  10. Mirrors absorb too much light, take it out.
  11. really, you sure i should take it out? ive read that its good if you only have one plant to have a mirror foryour plant to grow to itself. i will take it out though because i wasnt sure about it to begin with
  12. Nah, I agree. Take it out... Plants can't see :D They just grow towards light... :smoking:
  13. you can't really say that considering you have no memory of being a plant :p

    things that obviously make drastic emotional changes happen in humans probably do the same for other living things

    pot could be egotistical & leo like in personality lol

    as for the aluminum foil issue...

    crack a book if you think aluminum retains heat...cuz it transfers heat very well doesn't retain it worth a lick

    the main problem is focal points caused by the aluminum foil crinkling here and there you end up with a shitload of mini reflectors all collecting light ...sure fire way to increase temps and burn leaves
  14. For the record, I did not comment on the aluminum foil question. I know what everyone says about it reflecting the light. I see where this is possible in theory, but I am currently using aluminum foil draped over some boxes that I have put around my plants in the basement. I have not a had a problem with light reflecting and burning my plants. I am only in my current house for a couple more months so I am not bothering with building or painting my grow room. However, when I relocate to my house I plan to use white paint. The aluminum foil is a pain to mess with. Cheers...
  15. wasn't directing that at ya just the mirror bit

    do you use flo or hps/mh? hps has a habit of really heating things up in the confined spaces aluminum foil and cardboard (boxes?) would bring
  16. No problem.. I have a dual 400W MH/HPS hood. By the way, I think I was a bushy pot plant in a previous life and I don't remember being able to see anything...:cool: :D
  17. I should have added that I am growing in my basement which is nice and cool. That is probably why my first grow has done so well.... The new house I just bought in Florida does not have a basement so I will have to suffer in a hot cramped closet most likely. Hopefully, I can control the heat, but aluminum foil will not be part of the equation.... that's for sure.
  18. Ars, nobody here said foil retains heat, I said it reflects heat, which it does, and is basically the same thing you said.

    As for plant competition, there is some proof that plants will grow a little quicker and taller when in the presence of other plants. But they sense other plants through absorbing pheremones and other such "smells", if there is such a thing for plants. It is a chemical sense. As someone else said, plants cannot see, and you cannot fool a plant into thinking it has competition by showing its reflection in a mirror.
  19. HEy yo my brother from another mother,

    Just keep the flat white paint. It works great. Or if you wanna spend some $$ like me get some mylar man or if you wanna go getto style get those sun reflectors they put in the windshields of cars. They work great for cheap. Ok well I will talk to you later my friend.


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