Does Tightness Matter?

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  1. I see all these threads asking about how much penis size matters. So here's the opposite of that.

    How much does pussy size matter?

    Does it bother you if it's loose? Do you like them shallow where you hit the back wall fairly easy? Or do you like them when you go nice and deep?

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  2. I'm not even a dude and I know tightness matters. It matters for us too though.. If you're a whore or just have a loose poonany then you have to sleep with monster cocks or you don't get pleasure.
  3. I don't want anything that echos, but most of the women I get with know how to fact, a couple can crack a golf ball...:eek:
    In other words...technique overrules physique, for the most part.
    If you DO get one that echoes, then just stroke yer johnson on one side...the other side will get jealous and close on over.
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  4. tightness mos def matters. tight and wet its a safe bet. came up with that on the spot i should be a millionare rofl
  5. I have large forearms. So yes it matters.
  6. Duhhhhh that's how you rate pussy. Tight=good, loose=bad. I guess wetness counts too, you want tight and wet. If it's loose and wet, that's sloppy. If it's tight and dry, ouch.
  7. Yes....cinching down on that cock the right time...kegels can make the pussy muscles GRIP

  8. ..... you're awesome :p :hello:
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    What about loose and dry? lol
  10. Idk what the fuck I would do with a loose, dry pussy, other than avoid it.
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    Which isn't just beneficial to guys, it also helps the ladies.

  12. Kegals!

    Also, just orgasming strengthens those muscles. Which is why girls/guys who really enjoy sex have strong sacrums.

    Orgasms are so much better with muscles.
  13. someone explain to me what kegals are
    por favor
  14. Well, it's basically a muscle in your vag that you can flex with practice.

    Basically, it's the same muscle you use to start and stop peeing. You can do the exercises sitting, standing... Etc. Believe it or not it is slightly hard. Like your vag starts getting tired (just like with any muscle).
  15. [ame=]‪Huge Vagina‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Is the muscle that women use for kegals similar to the one I use to make my penis dance without moving any other part of my body?

    Guys know what I'm talking about. That muscle gets tired if you try and make an erection dance for a few minutes.
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    Actually, I'm not positive but I believe I read somewhere that it's exactly the same. I know what your talking about too, silly. I love when my boyfriend does it and it feels great inside me.
  18. so what if i use my peeing muscle and i swell up inside you and you clunch down.. could you break my dick?
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    It is the same. And guys doing kegels can make it easy for them to last longer.

  20. lol...yah..I am female...;)

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