Does this weed look sprayed in any way?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Smellingliketheweedman, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone does this weed look sprayed, I wont go into details I just want to know your thoughts. Zoom in and look at the leaves etc.
  2. Looks good

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  3. You forgot to post a picture.

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  4. I posted it
  5. The fuk? Why can't I see it?

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  6. here you go

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  7. no the bud does not look sprayed. it is covered in trichomes though.
  8. No that weed does not look sprayed. It looks like beaster bud to me.
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  9. It did to me too, I promise you I got a microscope delivered to me today that I ordered last week to check out my weeds as I've had suspicion, if I could take a photo I would to prove it for real. But please trust me when I tell you the results haunt me today, It was all silver looking over the leaves and stems, the buds were shinning like mad I grinded it and checked it and it looked iluminuois. I believe it is echant spray
  10. This PIC here is from google this is what it looks like but even worse

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  11. All depends on the grow with quality. No 2 plants are alike. This bud is some high quality bud. Dosent look sprayed at all

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  12. That's what I thought until I looked at it through microscope
  13. it was sprayed that's what it done to my CD
  14. Lol many people do not know what beasters are.
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  15. beaster bud is the same as high end mids. Not quite high grade, but medium grade on the higher side.
  16. Yep reggie buds from british Columbia due to poor lighting so more airy buds.

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