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Does this weed look good?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rafael5260, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Looks nice to me mate - What are your concerns?
  2. No concerns just wanna hear some comments about it .;-)
  3. Well if you grew it yourself, I would say good work.
    If not, still doesn't look bad mate
    I'd be more inclined to smoke it than talk about it :)
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  4. .... or is it that you're trying to pass off something its not to someone else and want to see if others can figure it out first?

    just my thoughts... as a skeptic
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  5. It's just that im intrested to buy it and thats the pic they sent me'.'
  6. morning 'PAOLO1981' seems ive found you once again mate ,,how are you ,,,you growing any thing at the moment mate .,,,,,mac...
  7. lol then just say so dude, don't be sketchy and people won't wonder.

    Its a forum bout weed, no need to be shy or play coy. just spit it out!
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  8. Im kinda new in this fourms so i don't really know what to do just wanted to know either im buying good or bad weed:)
  9. Hello my friend! I am mate ! Back to the autos for now - 3 x gorilla glue / 1 x Original Super Skunk! … 2 weeks into flower! Hows everything with you bro? Missed your wise words!!! My greatest advisor!!! :)
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  10. Looks good to me bro but the proof is in the smokin' enjoy!
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