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Does this weed look good

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lifeisflyingaway, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Only one of the nugs is different than the others. But would this be considered high grade quality weed based on appearance. Does anyone know what strain it might be or appearance wise how much thc content would you think they are.

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  2. Looks like decent enough weed, if it smells and tastes good and gets you where you need I’d be happy. The chances of anyone knowing the strain I’d say are slim to none, so many different strains it would be hard to determine which one it is, enjoy :D

  3. Looks like super billy OG man...

    You also can't tell what strain is what from a picture...
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  4. You joined 4 years ago and u want us to tell u the strain and thc percentage from a blurry picture

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  5. We'll never be able to answer your question in any meaningful manner. Even a high-quality picture can't be enough as you never know what's in the smell or other parts of the nugs (or inside). There's a lot of pointers you can look for, but then you should re-phrase the question rather than giving us this picture. It looks like weed. That's all that can be concluded from it.

    Why people gotta be so rude here? Chill out, man.
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  6. There's no way to tell a strain from a picture. There's thousands of strains, some are documented some at not. Many strains being similar in appearance to have weed be happy
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  7. Yea, all I know is I'd smoke that shit. You want me to try it out and let you know, not a problem.
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  8. blow the picture up seems to be some white mold on stem and bottom of bud ,,mac,
  9. Calm down snowflake my comment wasn't "rude" it's called a joke. I know it's trendy to be offended by everything but some of us aren't still. After 4 years on a cannabis forum I'd imagine someone would have enough basic knowledge to know better.
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  10. Looks good. The only thing that you can noticeably see if it’s “good” quality weed from just looking at it is the amount of crystals and flakes inside and around the nugs, in that picture it’s looks to have a decent amount of crystals on it so I’d say it’s upper mids (not being able to smell it or smoke it makes it hard to truly conclude).
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