Does this top new growth look normal

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  1. This is only my third grow and I have a question about this plant. It's just starting is second week of 12/12 . It's northern lights from nirvana. In fox farm ocean forest soil and fed tiger bloom. The new growth looks really skimpy and thin blade leaves , is this normal or what could be the issue ? Any help is welcome. IMAG0479.jpg
  2. better pictures? It's out of focus and really hard to tell
  3. That is pretty much the best pic I can get with my phone ...sorry . You can still see that all the top leaves are coming in long and thin . My other plant didn't do this same strain .
  4. Are you feeding? if so How much and how often?
  5. IMHO it looks like it's either a hot soil or PH problem
  6. The blades should widen/open out the more they grow. My plant did the exact same for a bit in late veg/ early flower.
    Not sure the cause. I assumed it was normal. There didn't seem to be anything negative going on.
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  7. I've only fed it tiger bloom 1/4 strength every other watering witch has been 2 with nutes. I was hoping they would open up as they grew but wasn't sure. I feed with a ph of 6.4

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