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Does this sound wierd?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PnP420, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Ok I'm going to pick up some O.G kush from my dealers friend. But the guy I gotta pick it up from has a reputation for lacing weed with some shit...idk it's O.G
  2. Buy it, I dare you.:cool:
  3. Are you asking a question? O.G. Kush is a strain of weed, I can tell you that much. Also, why would you pick up from someone you know ahead of time has a reputation for lacing weed?
  4. Double dare you :cool:
  5. reputation for lacing weed, or selling weed so good people think its laced, up to you to decide
  6. Just buy those quick tests for laced weed you take it with you and ask him to test it infront of you if he refuses say go smoke your laced shit alone and leave. Thats what I would do.

    Tripple dare you [Cool]
  7. Triple-dog dare you.:cool:
  8. I'll just see if he wants to spark up with me idk and yes it's a question. Duh

  9. what?
  10. Quad-dog dare you :confused_2:
  11. I've just heard from a few of my friends that back in highschool this dude laced his shit. Idk if he does anymore this was 5 years ago. So I'm skeptical
  12. Oh no you didn't.:cool:
  13. I think I did :eek:
  14. You can buy quicktests to test if your weed is laced. I'd buy one of those take it with me if I were him and ask the dealers friend to test it infront of me.
  15. can you link me new idea to me
  16. You just never know till ya try it er test it
  17. I doubt this "dealer" guy would waste his money lacing your nickel bags. Think about it, even if he were lacing the weed to get you addicted, whats he gonna do...waste money by lacing your sack everytime you buy?
  18. How would he be wasting money?
  19. It's all good anyway I got some skunk from my sisters bf

  20. weed is for the most part, cheaper than the drugs people claim weed is laced with

    People think weed being laced is a common practice... its really not... im sure people lace weed for personal use all the time, but for selling.... it just doesnt happen often at all

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