Does this sound sketchy?

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. This new dude I talked to wants me to come alone, to his place, when I'm buying a large amount of ganj... Sketchy or no?
  2. eh coming alone he probably wants you to for safety reason
  3. Well I don't wanna show up with $400 in my hand and then have some dudes jump out at me and get jacked you know. I know this kid, not real well, but he's kinda coked out and may be desperate?
  4. have a homey outside waiting for you.
    and if he says no to that, fuck him, get another dealer
  5. bring a wing man to wait in your car with the cash until you know its time to bust it out
  6. If this dude is really planning on robbing you, bringing someone is going to do little about it- excpet make it a more violent/volatile.

    If you really have any feeling this guy is going to rob you I just wouldn't buy any- who wants to be fearful everytime they buy weed.
  7. You never buy big amounts on your first deal with a new dealer... thats just stupid.

    Buy a 20 or something, not $400... your just asking to get jacked.

    And like the others said, have someone outside waiting.

    But if you really have a bad feeling about this, the answer is simple... don't do it.
  8. if the dealer is sketched out about bringing a wingman to hold the cash then find another dealer
  9. Sketchy, yes. It is also very understandable. If I am having a semi stranger come to my place to pick up a large amount of weed I would not want him to bring friends either. First off, if I sold weed I would not want people I did not know knowing where I live. Second, I wouldn't want to give the strangers strength in numbers. When you control the environment you stay safe.

    This guy is probably just looking out for himself. If you still feel sketchy about it I would not do it. Intuition will save your ass. We have not met this guy face to face like you have so you should trust your own judgement. What kind of guy is he?
  10. If he's a coke head, then he's probably just paranoid. haha, I've had coke head dealers, opiate fiend dealers, e head dealers. All of them had their certain qwerks.
  11. I've dealt with a few coke heads. Most, and I say MOST, are cool and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It can go both ways though. My buddy's sis was knocked up by this cokehead /dealer and now she gets to raise a kid by herself because he got nervous during a deal that was going south and ended up stabbing a guy to death. He is now facing life. Go with instincts man. If this guys really comes off sketchy, and you can tell right away that he's a cokehead then you might wanna find a new set. I would never want a set I had to worry about visiting every time I needed weed. You're supposed to ENJOY smokin :)
  12. I think GC is just being paranoid..keep someone in the car, and dont tell him about it. If you dont come out in a certain amount of time, tell your boy to make a call.
  13. This is exactly how I would be.

    I don't see what coke has to do with him at all. So he likes to do coke in his spare time, we like to smoke. Doesn't make us any different. He probably just likes a flight night every now and then. If hes dealing the cokes hes probably snorting for free. Judge him on his rep/personality.

    I wouldn't bring someone, if you go, it's your risk. If I was dealing, maybe he has plants or something, and you brought someone thats when I'd flip my shit. I don't trust anyone anymore. When I move very few people are going to know where I live. Been licked too many times. Anyone I don't know on my property is getting fucked up. If hes has large amounts it's no wonder he doesn't want to fuck around. Word spreads, people get big ideas and quick cash schemes.

    Handle it yourself man. Like said above, if it goes sour you're only going to cause more shit and possibly get seriously hurt. He probably hes probably strapped, and if he wanted to rob you he'd do it anyways and if he does, it would come back to him in another place and another time.
  14. Pull some scarface shit, just have 2 people sitting in the car with uzis while you're inside. If you take more than 5 minutes or so, have them kick in the door and start spraying. I'd laugh if you were sitting on the bed smoking a bowl with your new dealer and thanking him for the hookup and all of a sudden 2 of your friends suddenly break in and start screaming "WHERE THE FUCK IS SUBURBAN(dunno your real name)"
  15. Oh, and you know where this kid lives, so worst case scenario he jacks you and you set his house on fire.
  16. Oh God, I think I just pee'd myself a little reading that. :D
  17. Man If you are feeling skectched out now, its prob for a good reason, better to be safe than sorry.

  18. ROFL!

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