Does this sound like fun to anybody?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DavidH, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. My friends and I almost always have to drive around while we smoke. Obviously we aren't the only people who ever do this. So we thought it would be cool to find some other people driving around(not anybody we know, just random people we see) and once we know for sure they are smoking, ask if they want to smoke/match with us.

    Does anybody find this weird? Or would this be something worth trying?
  2. I usually dont see kids just openly smoking when I drive by, so itll probably kinda hard to find someone
  3. Yeah but we drive so damn much anyways, it's not a big deal if we drive around for an hour looking for fellow smokers.

    Especially since if we're out late, a large percentage of cars on the road will be smokers(just common one's driving to the grocery store at 1 AM). We actually saw some people smoking yesterday, but my friend took too long to turn around, and we lost them.
  4. I've done this a couple times with my friends, it was never planed though. One time we were blazing a blunt in a parking lot where a friends girlfirend worked at a country club. Some liek 50 year old guy was walking to his car then started jokingly sniffing the air in an obvious fashion, so we yelled over for him to come hit it and he got a few good hits outta it lol.
  5. lol damn thats funny... anyone ever see that video on wtm where they smoke ou tthe pizza guy? i though that was pretty funny.
  6. One time me and my buddies were driving around smoking a blunt and as we were going down a main road in our town we noticed the guys in the car next to us were passing a pipe around. We didn't say anything to them but I think they noticed we were smoking and started talking to us but we had to keep rolling... Green light and cars honking cause this.

    Also, one night we were partying at my cousins and we ordered pizza. We payed with a credit card but they offered the guy driving a beer and he chugged two of them and asked for a hit off the blunt. I thought it was kinda weird but I guess its cool.
  7. my old mailman used to always take a hit or two when he dropped off a package or something that needed signing...but he retired to spain with his for driving around and smoking with other people, i wouldnt do that..i mean ive smoked with the pizza man, and such like that...but random people could have warrants, hot with the cops, all that jazz...or they could just be some not so nice people...but thats my 2 cents..
  8. other day, after i dropped u (davidh), and zach off at home, the car in front of me just randomly turned on, threw a roach out the window, and took off. i was so close to fulfilling our dream, but they were gone.
    and as for smoking with a golfer, thats some crazy shit. id fuckin laugh my ass off if that happened. we want to smoke with a golfer we caddie for, but that'd be hard to set up

  9. hahah fuck ya :hello:
  10. back to the OP, i think it'd be fun to find some random people driving around and blaze with them...

    HOWEVER, if i was driving around with my bros enjoying some bong rips or a fatty blunt and some other sketchy car comes trying to communicate with us, i'd be sketched out to all hell... if i was really blazed i'd probably just run hahahaha

    but seriously, don't sketch people out. that's the only thing i'd be worried about.

  11. If you try to talk to them or drive them down they're just going to think you're an undercover and get noided as hell. I'd love it if someone saw me smoking while they were too and we matched, BUT, I'd be SOOOO fuckin scared if I drove past someone and they turned real quick to follow me.

    There are mad undercovers where I live so I suppose that would add to the paranoia.

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