Does this sound like a heat problem?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Weedman90.OG 01, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. :wave: Good afternoon GC.

    I've been having some issues I think but am not totally sure wheather or ot they're related to heat but I assume so just looking for some reasurrance.
    I've noticed that some of my leaves are becoming crispy, mainly older ones more than new but one of my not so old ones were affected today. It doesnt make the whole leaf crispy just a part of it.
    For instance I've got a seedling in the same area that only has a leaf with 3 blades and is dropping it's cotyledons, i'm running a 600w HPS w/ one fan.
  2. sounds like you need more ventilation
  3. yes you most def have a heat problem. 600 w hps's create lots of heat. What type of fan are running. if its not some kind of inline fan then i dont think it would help to much. And some pics of your setup would help.
  4. First of all whats the temp in your room? A 600 doesent really through off that much heat?
  5. Its quite normal for the lower leaves to wither away, how old is the plant? Temp inside the room? Pics?
  6. What distance is the light away, if you put your hand where the top of the plant is, is it real hot?

    I had a similar thing happen on my crown, simply to close to the HPS Bulb, I just tied that one down to pull it away as best i could and it turned out fine......

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