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Does this sound cheeky?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by crazy barstool, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I'm all out of weed as of yesterday :(
    so i've decided to go on a T-break until the end of January, the only problem is my dealer has stopped due to police related incidents, and like an ass i don't have a backup guy :/
    Fortunately one of my old college friends that i still talk to occasionally smokes and has a guy that hooks him up, well he says he can get me an ounce of blue cheese for £120-160
    The thing is i already know that buying from a non-medical dispensary (there are none in the UK as you all probably already know) names don't really matter because it's usually false anyway
    But i want to check the weed before i buy it, like check the weight, smell and the quality of how it looks, but since it will be my first time buying from this guy i want to make sure i get my moneys worth
    So the question is, if i don't think the weed is up to scratch or it's short by x amount of grams, what do i say to him?
    I've never had a problem with dealers, they usually supply generously as that would make me another customer giving them money.
    Thanks for reading blades if you lasted this long
    I will probably post pics if i decide to actually go through with getting it off him.
  2. just say "the bag looks short, Im going to wait"
  3. regardless of who the dealer is, it is your money so do whatever it is you want to do before buying. I would bring the scale (if its convenient) and if it looks short then i would put it on there in front of him so you don't have to say much. In my experience if its short and you pull the scale out the person says "hold on let me put this nug in there," or some dumb shit because he knows he cant short.
  4. If it's not that good straight up tell him, "Hey bro, think you can get some higher quality stuff? I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra." If it's short call him up right after you weigh it and tell him. In the meantime start looking for a new dealer man. It's a good idea to have atleast 2. That way if 1 isn't around you always have sombody else to call. It's not easy finding reliable dealers, but when you do you're going to be really happy. :eek:
  5. I understand what you mean by weighing it out, but if I was a dealer and selling to someone for the first time weigh it out in front of me because he didn't trust me, id be real angry and probably never want to sell to you again.
  6. I never understood why people would get mad for someone wanting to make sure they're getting what they're paying for. What's wrong with that? The dealer should be offering to weigh it. You shouldn't even have to ask to begin with. If I was a dealer I'd just throw it on the scale every time whether they asked or not.
  7. anytime what i get looks short, even if it's a 1g eighth, i will call my dealer out on it. from that i can usually tell if theyre blagging or if i am in the wrong.

    the angrier they get, the more likely they're lying, dont let them threaten you. if someone threatens violence over asking questions like that, they're not worth going to
  8. Not everyone is always able to weigh it out in front of you. If i had already bagged it out and selling to someone who ive never met, and then take it out to reweigh it in front of me i would be annoyed. When you get there look at the bag, if you don't like the quality refuse it. If you don't like the quantity refuse it (eye game). If you leave and then discover you've been skimped a little (if you know anything about bud you should be able to eye it somewhat close) then cut your losses and move on.

    If it turns out hes a good connect then go back to him. But i'd be really angry as a dealer for someone to not trust me and have to weigh it out in front of me, it's disrespectful
  9. All racism aside ive grabbed bud from russians , blacks , asians, white, hispanic, all sorts of diif people. I find blacks and russians to b the worst. Blacks will 99.9% chince you unless you actually know the guy russians will lie and sell you swag in a bag telling you best shit ever smoked and these have been all 1 time deals never went back usually never have problems with whites and asians.

  10. And that's a street that goes both ways, your selling drugs illegally so why should I trust you?
    And seeing as how defensive you get after me reassuring myself the first time, I'll assume that you're going to short me further down the line.
  11. i would never want to buy from someone who refuses to back up their product, gets an attitude if i'm just checking what i pay for. I'm sure the dealer who i'm buying it from weighs what he buys. Eyeballing is fine if your fine with uncertainty. I rarely ever brought my scale but if it was someone new i would definately bring my scale. There is absolutly no reason to trust a drug dealer especially a new one so the fact that a dealer would be mad at me for not trusting him seems ridiculous to me. I'm sure if the drug dealer was a real dealer he would never refuse to do business because someone wanted to weigh it and if he did he is dealing for something other than money.
  12. That is somewhat true, but you'd be surprised. A lot more customers need the dealer then the dealer needs the customers. So if your one of those people that don't have a current connect (such as the current situation), you shouldn't weigh it out in front of him, as that can be disrespectful. If a dealer doesn't like you, he doesn't have to sell to you. A lot of them already have there customers. A customer however cant always find a dealer, so you should try to respect and trust him.

    Then weigh it out everytime after you pick up. If he skimps, don't go back. I don't see whats so hard about that. Anyone with decent eyes should be able to at least eye it closely. Again, you don't necessarily have to buy it if it looks shitty or skimped. But if hes hooking you up and you pull out your scale its rude.
  13. I understand that. You could look at the weed all you want in my eyes that would be alright. But if you look at it for a little bit, then decide to pull out your scale, i'd take it as wow he thinks im skimping him. I'm good friends with 2 people who deal, and they both have enough business to where if they don't like someone or act disrespectful.
  14. they must not need the money all that much then if they are refusing business for someone pulling a scale out. I fail to see how pulling a scale out is disrespectful and a whole list of implications stemming from that.

    Regardless and willing to just let it be, OP it's your money and if you want to weight it then weigh the fucking thing. Just don't come back here citing Dylan about not weighing it and getting it home and it comes up 3g's short.
  15. #16 morange, Jan 3, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 3, 2013
    Never be intimidated into not realizing that you are doing a transaction. The dealer wants to make money, you want to get your weed. However, if you don't like what you see when he offers to sell it to you, you have no obligation until you take the bag and hand the money over.

    Just be honest and say something along the lines of "Thanks for coming through, I appreciate it, except that I'm looking for 'x' (good) quality buds." If a dealer wants to have customers they will either have good product or great deals, or both.

    Unfortunately I know there are dealers that will sell you sub par quality weed if they happened to have been tricked into buying it, I.E. nice bag appeal, low potency. Not your problem though, money talks and you've got it.

    EDIT: Also, to above, if you're buying an ounce, from a new contact, ABSOLUTELY use a scale. The dealer should have NO problem with this, unless they intentionally are shorting your bag. If that's the case it's better you find out and not waste your money. Any decent dealer will have no problem whatsoever letting you scale your bag.

    Even pre weighed out bags should be scaled. If you're getting an ounce, throw the bag on the scale and if it's in a sandwich bag, then it should weigh no less than 29 grams with the bag. I've been growing the same strain for 8 months now and I can't eyeball more than a gram at a time accurately, you can never really learn to eyeball a bag perfectly. Educated guess? sure, but nothing will replace a scale.
  16. Now I feel retarded, I totally skipped over the part that says an ounce. Yeah when you buy in large quantity then yeah make sure you get it weighed. Again, I am a retard.
  17. Always weigh the shit, ESPECIALLY with a new dealer. If you make the impression that this isn't your first time around the block, they will hesitate before trying to rip you off in the future. If you have been buying from the same guy for awhile, and his sacks are always good, then you might just wait until you get home to weigh it. Weighing the bud out in front of your dealer is not disrespectful at all. When they buy their weed, you can believe they make sure that its the right amount before they hand the cash over and leave.

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