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does this site seem legit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MaChInEgUnFuNk, Mar 14, 2004.


    you can buy a QP of shrooms for 54.99 there.i dunno check it out and tell me what u think...legit? anyone tried it? a complete ripoff?
  2. Well I don't know if it's legit, but I do know that that would be a QP of fresh mushrooms. Those weigh significantly more than dried mushrooms, which are normally consumed.
  3. The ratio is usually around 1:10, so yea, that's actually gonna be less then a half by the time they are dry
  4. get em n report back ;)
  5. nah thc it even says "dried" in the description,its type is Amanita muscaria,that a good mushroom type?
  6. ^^ roger, they are a good species^^

    but how/why are they selling illegal substances over the net without getting caught,,
  7. I've seen places like that based in amsterdam...none that could ship to the U.S though. Its not my advice to try it out, but if you choose to let us know how it went.

    edit : after reading a bit more

    Buyer understands that Sellers offer of any product is void where prohibited, and that it is Buyers own responsibility to check and abide by local laws and regulations. Buyer will adopt and use all necessary safety precautions and will abide by all local, state/province and government regulations in accordance with the use of any product provided by Seller.

    So if you buy it in the U.S and get caught, your goin to jail
  8. sites based in the U.K. can sell them legally, it only becomes illegill here when you prepare them, ie in a tea, etc.........but if your in the U.K. they're legal.........wouldn't like to try to get them into the U.S........but the worst that will happen is that they will stop them at customs, and send you a note, saying that someone tried to send you something illegill........Peace out........Sid

  9. Amanitas are way different than Psylocybes or the entire Cubensis family. I ordered some of their Amanitas a while back to try them out, and I didn't get anything out of it. They tasted rather odd, too...nauseating at that.

    Amanitas aren't illegal in the US; they are, however, listed as a poison by the of the components in all amanitas is poisonous in high amounts...

    You can read up on them at Erowid.

    Erowid's Amanita Vault
  10. the site is based out of chicago illinois not UK
  11. lmao i was just reading a little guide to mushroom picking (the normal kind of mushrooms) last night, and i read that most amanitas are highly poisonous....
  12. Well the domain name is registered to someone in Scottsdale, Arizona, but they say the company is based out of Illinois.

  13. do i got your word on that one sid?? :D
  14. hell yeah sure.......go ahead, order 10 tonnes of that annonymity of the internet is that info is based on what happens when they stop seeds........they could try to prosecute you, but it'll look very silly in front of a judge, when you say, "i never ordered any seeds your honour!.....someone simply send me unsolicitated mail" cant stop someone from sending you mail............well that's what i think would happen, but then again, it is the the govt changes the goalposts ;) ..........Peace out..........Sid
  15. atrophyX do a little more research will ya? some shrooms in the amanita family are poisinous but not amanita muscaria,

    We don't allow flaming on the boards!.......Sid
  16. mmmmm....yeah, they are legit. Friend bought some HBWR seeds off of there. But the thing is that the mushrooms are probably not....umm....whatever that word is that means mind effecting. They sell a lot of stuff that is for botanical purposes....but they do sell stuff like Salvia and HBWR/MG seeds...

  17. coulda worked like a placebo...
  18. amanitas arent illegal. they dont have psylocibin (did i spell it right?)
  19. According to my bio professor, who's specialty is mushrooms, amantia's don't produce hallucinations as much as they produce a type of temporary psychosis... sounds interesting..

  20. ive ordered from the site with good results great prices on incense too. As for the Amanitas the variety muscaria has what is called muscimol which can act as a hallinogen it is on of the only that has it and its very different then on the the psilocybe family mushrooms. :)


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