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Does this seem like he's trying to scam me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sploo, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    So i phoned my dude to get a 1/4 yesterday. He tells me i can get the regular stuff for 70 or the "kush" for 80. Now, i'm thinking, what the fuck? This means that i either pay 10/g or 11/g. I have some serious doubts that this is actually kush.

    In fact i'm basically positive that he would have sold me the exact same weed, even if i had gone with the kush.

    I don't know. Maybe i'm un-informed and kush really does go for $11/g and that's an appropriate mark up, but to me this just seems silly. Let me know if i'm actually missing something here...
  2. Kush just means its an Indian strain, however, dealers love throwing out this word. It's fucking annoying if you ask me..
  3. I wish I could get $80 a quater it goes for 140 here
  4. Ask him to bring a bag of the $70 and a bag of the $80 so you can decide for yourself :) (Make sure you inspect each bag of buds checking their trich densities, smell of the bud, etc)

    If he thinks this is out of the ordinary or disagrees - ditch him and find a new connect. Even before i was licensed, my connect would show me the two kinds.
  5. lol, yea dude, he was just seein if he could work you for another 10 bucks. Id say it was probably the same bag too. If that happens just say hmm can i see them both? and then u can decide, chances are though, you'll only be able to see 1. haha
  6. og kush is $18 a gram or 50$ for an 8th at loveshack in sf. But i hear the kush's are insane down in socal
  7. i wish i had your prices!!!!!!
  8. if it breaks up like popcorn..then it is kush.. you'll know what i mean if u check his ish out..;)
  9. He probably had the regular stuff but then picked up kush. So he wants to sell the other stuff first but if you want the kush now you gotta pay a little more. It's prob better bud regardless.
  10. This guys right. Anytime i have a dealer telling me he has more than one type of bud i ask to see both. Dont just choose one without seeing.

    One time a dealer wanted to charge me 70 for a quarter of his normal headies and 110 for "some of the dankes dank you've seen". Lets just say the differences in the weed was not near worth 40.
  11. I couldn't imagine paying 70 an 1/8th?
  12. Shit... prices up at my campus were commonly 30/60 or 35/70 for decent bud.

  13. i agree its fucking annoying

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