does this rounded leaf shape look normal?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chartreuse, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. does this rounded leaf shape look normal?

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  2. Normal for what kind of plant? Not Cannabis..LOL
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  3. the seeds were in with buds i bought and smoked, def cannabis, they just seem very round compared to anything i have seen before
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  4. Show us a pic of the seed. Like your avatar.

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  6. thank you!!
  7. Well those are cannabis seeds but those plants don't resemble any cannabis plant I've ever seen. It would be interesting to see what they look like in a couple weeks.
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  8. Probably weed seed in the soil. Not cannabis.
  9. That's not weed, those are Cannabis seeds.
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  10. Ruderalious phenome
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  11. Looks like beet sprouts to me lol
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  12. Keep us updated,i wanna see them after a couple of weeks.
  13. You know this shit deep man!! Are they known to show such characteristics? I never knew there were such fundamental differences in leaf shape.

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  14. You should have planted them separately tho.
  15. That's the weirdest plant iv ever seen, Ill sub to see how this goes.
  16. Be careful, Lil shop of horrors was based on a true story ..... FEED ME SEYMOUR !
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  17. FARMER.gif
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  18. thank you guys for the info and responses. this is my first time trying this, and i really just did it because i had everything i needed in the house. when they first broke through the soil and had those first two rounded leaves they looked like all the other photos i have seen online. but now as they are getting more leaves they all seem to be rounded. hmm. i cant wait to see what i get. i mean, the seeds were in a bag with a large bud that i smoked, the bud was definitely cannabis.

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